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2 definitions by kekich

A production put on at the Disneyland resort, involving live action, fireworks, lighting and moving images projected onto atomized water. It is about Mickey's dream world and the attempts of certain evil villians of Disney films to turn his imagination into a nightmare.

The word is a combination of Fantasy and Mickey.
Bob: I just got back from Disneyland.
Bill: Did you see Fantasmic?
by kekich September 11, 2004
27 19
1) a term used to define one who transcends mere friendship but for whom the labels boyfriend, girlfriend, and partner would be inappropriate
2) a very intimate friend both emotionally and physically, but one who does not fit the traditional concept of a relationship
Bob: After Ashley and I went to the play, we had a long talk, a cup of coffee and a quickie
John: So, are you two dating?
Bob: No. She's my fruendster.
by kekich August 28, 2004
6 2