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Fanta Meaning, Fuck And Never Touch Again, Is normally found with a serious case of beer goggles. Use Fanta with cation
Fuck it...Im having me a fanta tonight
by twisted_walker November 12, 2006
40 31
a term used to describe an act of fucking a seriously rough girl (or boy, whateva floats ur boat) usually in a drunken state/pissed off ur head. Fuck And Never Touch Again
phroar, look at rob's mum, shes defo a FANTA
by brentmeister general October 23, 2003
27 20
a beautiful smart girl who loves to do crazy things, also very unpredictable and very sweet
"my girlfriend is a fanta"
by WolksvagenLifeXD July 07, 2009
7 3
The art of smoking marijuana from an aluminum soda can, originating from a Fanta, Orange Soda, can. first done in Orange,ct.
we shoulda fanta later, before the concert
by beth, callie, maddie January 03, 2006
42 38
Beautiful ginger girl who you can't get off your mind even if you wanted to. Not to mention that amazing ass.
Mr. Wobbles: Wow you are so pretty Erin, I'm gonna call you Fanta.
Erin: Awh, you're so nice.
by ritzskittlez February 20, 2011
4 1
Derived from the Morrocan language meaning "beautiful woman". A girl given this name is believed to bare such incredible beauty, intelligence and future success. The name is also extremely popular in the West of Africa; Siera Leone, The Gambia, Ivory Coast.
That little girl looks like Fanta
by pricilla oghea May 26, 2010
5 2
A derogatory term used to subject and/or describe a certain sect/group with annoying tendencies. i.e. jew, beaner, fag, etc
William is such a fanta sometimes
by Borinda November 20, 2007
21 18