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the sickest subaru ever made - also known as the original low rider
my leone is sick hey bro
by mark morrison (masta) October 17, 2003
A girl who is cooler than "the sickest subaru ever made"... Leone is 20 times cooler than her sister Rose. Warning can talk too much!!! A Leone is very friendly and loves music. A leone can be found hanging out with two Emili, a Rose, and a Flannery.
Person 1: Dude whos that chick thats dancing in the middle of the street?

Person 2; Dude thats Leone... Duh
by Technosunshine January 24, 2009
also known as joke7 or clown7

the biggest joke known to man
WTF that leone invited my mother to smoke refer with him!
by tired mook January 13, 2005
Original Suba Rocket.
ME:My Leone layed a 10.4 down the quarter!
DUDE:Thats hardcore pimp!
by Hugh G Rection October 19, 2003
The guy who got his girl stolen by Fanelli and she is currently having sweet Hot monkey love with him as we speak. Now leone is considered a wanksta
Leone: Shit I lost my girl to Fanelli
Fanelli: Holy shit this is some good Hot Monkey Love
by Fanelli April 19, 2004
A psychological disorder that causes someone to become a pathological liar with a demented and outrageous need to be liked by everybody. The subjects desperate need to fit in will ironically lead to them being despised by everyone they come in contact with.
My life would be so much better if this kid I know didn't have Leone
by Glass Lake June 08, 2009
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