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in hebrew it means lightning

and also..its my boyfriends name who i love so dearly
barak is a name used in israel
it means lightning
by sharons May 09, 2006
178 88
A very attractive kid that gets all the ladies.

He is very charming and will treat you right.

Also rides dirtbikes which is sexy af
Damn, Barak sure has matured well.

Have you seen Barak lately? He's gotten cute

Im happy to say, me and Barak are talking. He's a great guy.
by Maggie Black December 14, 2012
12 1
negotiating irreconcilable differences in ways that produce lame compromises.
Pepe: Baby you gotta let me do you. My balls are so blue they’re going b.b. king on me.
Mia: No sweetie; I’m serious about this purity thing.
Pepe: Ok babe. But please, let me booty you or I'll die! I swear I won’t slip.
Mia: Sorry hon, but you always go oops on me. Let’s barak. How about a squeegee?
by chorizopapi June 20, 2011
16 11
Matan wannabe
by Matan March 18, 2003
56 56
GOD of gods
prefection at its best
the prince looked at the dimond and it remminded him of barak
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
82 84
The sound made during vomiting.
I think I drank too much malt liq..BARAK!!! Obama! (g*d dam it!)
by BULLWINKLE IS OBAMA September 04, 2008
103 110
Word to describe a very stubborn, annoying person who won't leave you alone.
I am ready to throw a porcupine at that barak.
by googlypoogly October 28, 2005
82 90