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A bad ass motherfucker.
That guy Marshal really ruined that dude's shit.
by Nerovingian April 19, 2009
A man named Marshal is undiscribable. He is the most amazing, Handsome, Dashing, Sexy, and about ten Billion more words that make a man a sexy devil. He is the most badass, vicious, and beastly creature of a man you will ever meet. He defies explanation, and is the answer to life itself. gravity revolves around him, and so do women.
Woah! look at that man!

Dont call him "Man"... He's a Marshal.
by IanMoone-TheAmazing July 11, 2011
someone who just doesnt give a fuck about anything
man see that kid hes a Marshal i heard he killed a man with one finger
by websterkid666 June 21, 2011
one of the best people in the world, hes loving and careing and sweet and everything summed up in to the word CUDDLE XD
your such a marshal!

why the phlagnobs are you acting like marshal?
by wonderlandhatter April 07, 2010
A person who enjoys to, or does drive a hybrid.
look at that marshal, on a hybrid four wheeler
by Viral Patel May 04, 2010
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