Fresh as Fuck. Someone with amazing style or fresh threads. All the ladies will jock them and they will get major action.
(hot wahini) "Oh my god you look so FAF! Please have sex with me"
by squid7777 May 29, 2011
Pronounced "eff-ay-eff" or "faf".

An acronym for "fly as fuck".

Used to describe a person, place, or thing. i.e. nouns.
Indeed Walter, I indubitably believe this tea to be quite FAF
by reallymanisthisnecessary March 01, 2011
A texting acronym used to describe a mild sense of euphoria (usually caused by smoking bud)

F a F

FAd-Ed As- FUck
Text message conversation

Amilio: So what's up Charles?

Charles: Faf

Amilio: Nice bro, stay faded :)

Charles: Firme
by JorHey Luis January 22, 2011
Relating to someone that is immature and believes "farts are funny" or does other acts of being not mature. Tends to be major noobs that think they're good at lacrosse and drop-shot in the call of duty series. They think they're word life because they use the scar-h and the G11 assault rifles. And they call everyone "Mon" or finish names with "zo" ex: Mallory "Malzo" original fafs were at Lorne Smith lax camp. Bad to be a faf
Kyle Mon, DarthFadder, TastyxMe10n, James "skeetin" Beaton tend to be fafs. Also other tasty and frosty clan members. Kwalk=ney Anel
by Creatoroffaf December 12, 2010
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