Fucking around.

Does not mean sleeping around and being rpomiscuous. FA referes to someone who is behaving like an idiot.
M: What the hell is Paul doing?
G: He's FA, man.
by ceramic_smoothie May 13, 2009
A person that is so awesome they are defined as fucking awesome, Also can be used in a sentence to describe someone awesome at sex.
Dude that guys so fa.
Look at how fa she is.
Yo dude that guy is so fa he split her pussy in half.
by KTLGoose April 28, 2010
Short for Fantastic Attack, which is a measure of how accurately an In The Groove player can hit the arrows. Usually measured by percent of steps that get the "Fantastic" rating, which is the highest.
I got a full combo but crappy FA, so it was only an S-.
by HeavyD2 August 24, 2008
Surinamese for: "How (are you doing)?"

"Fa" can be considered a shorter version of "Fawaka". It is also a shorter version of "Fa yu de?" (Fayde), "Fa ay go? (Faygo)?", "Fa'f yu?" all meaning "How are you doing?"
Boy 1: "Fa?"
Boy 2: "I'm fine, thanks!"
Boy 2: "Fayde?"
Boy 1: "I'm okay!"
by Caatje July 07, 2009
Fetal Attack Squad
Chadahooch, Nasty Butler, Susie, Reiffer, Itzacadoozie, Squeek, Kip Fu, Jibbs, Pickle 5-0, Ham-L, Rogue Leader, Swiss, Joo...
by F.a.S June 02, 2003
1. Hungarian for "wood" or "tree"
2. German shampoo
The Hungarian reached for the Fa in the shower, then abruptly froze as his girlfriend, eying the empty cage, screamed "ott van a papagaj a fan!"
by zsombor October 14, 2004
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