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25 definitions by RandomGuy

Hinata is a very hot, cute, and sexy girl form Naruto.
Hinata is very very hot!
by RandomGuy March 28, 2005
Literally means to cum/ejaculate on someone or something.

See the following:
Skeet Skeet
Skeet Skeet Skeet
Skeet skeet skeet skeet all over the place!
by RandomGuy March 28, 2005
One of the best games in existance. Despite subpar graphics, this game, created by Dynamix and Sierra, is very easily modded (not to mention pirated), and at one point, was considered the BEST MMOFPS out there. Free online play. irc.tribes.net for some more info. Full name: Starsiege: TRIBES.
Those guys in tribes version 1.08 screamed "AURR!" in a squeaky nonhuman voice when they died... Hahahaha..."
by RandomGuy April 17, 2004
A guy who loves to ejaculate/cum on people or things.
He's a skeet shooter!
by RandomGuy March 28, 2005
This game, similar to Tribes, was made by Dynamix and Sierra. It is a mech combat game, with some VERY cool designs. Single player mode was good, multiplayer mode was depressingly empty. Almost as good as Tribes. Pray for a sequel. RIP Starsiege.
"The mechs in Starsiege are so l33t, they kick Steel Battalion's ass."
by RandomGuy April 17, 2004
Like they workd crazy, but more annoying for people to hear. It can be used like "large" or like "good".
Large- That is a crazazy amount of money
Mom- "Today you're going to your best friends house"
Kid- "Crazazy!"
by RandomGuy July 25, 2004
see chippydobber.veryweird.com
chippydobber!!!! hahahaha!!!
by randomguy August 25, 2003