" fucking asshole " your an FA
saying whats up fa to somebody that you know but really dont like but you still feel that you have to say something everytime you see him or her just because they were at that party last summer
by Pizzazz Raymond March 03, 2007
Failed abortion.
To simply fail a termination.

The 'abort' button did not work; now I have a FA on my hand.

I should have pulled out before the FA.

by Fistina February 16, 2007
A Fat Ass
pronounced like fa as in do re mi fa so la te do

Term originated in the Thomasen Household. Pronunciation was coined by Mike E. Thomasen
'Hey, look at that FA'
by Jennifer Thomasen October 06, 2006
fuck all - to do or understand nothing
i am a lazy cunt and i have done sweet fa all day
by bert March 11, 2005
Opening ones eyes, nostrils and mouth to the widest extent possible, and saying "fart" accusingly in response to somebody doing a fart. Due to the openness of the mouth, the sound will be heard as "fa" rather than "fart".
Hey, I farted, somebody should say FA to me.
by facadielady January 29, 2006
1. 2003 Shakeup

In the Spring of 2003, three students were caught coming back to campus intoxicated and high during a routine lunch break. Former headmaster Hurlbutt demanded that the students be thrown out due to their breaking of the rules and violating Quaker code. This was not the case, however, as some of the students had parents on the Board of Trustees and were ultimately given a 'pardoning'- meaning, suspension till graduation, but would still graduate. This is true for only two of the students, as the third lied about smoking marijuana and had to leave the school. The Board then took action on the Headmaster and decided that his usefulness as a tough, but lovable administrator was finished, so they fired him. They brought in as a temporary replacement, Mr. Elkridge, a man of great vision, but was disliked by the Board as well. Finally, after an intense and detailed search they finally decided to give the job to Willie, due to his corny speech skills and his hollowness that makes him almost like a puppet to the Board. He is still headmaster at this institution and in addition to his tenure there has been an exodus of great teachers and a massive influx of out of college teachers with little to no regard to its students and successfully tries its best to hamper students from getting into universities its deserves. This, as well as its tuition growing at an exponential rate and its ever certain ties to Haliburton and al-Queda terrorist groups give many people uncertainty as to what will become of such a prestigious school.

2. School founded in 1876 by Quaker Gideon Frost under the name 'Friends College'. Name was changed in the 1890s to reflect colleges for what they are, as this one is not. Is known today as one of the most prestigious schools on Long Island and is a direct rival to Portledge. Tuition rates are through the roof, corruption is rampant and the school has no regard for its student body, only its insatiable thirst for money to line its pockets. Many families are members of the board of trustees and will do anything and everything in its power to make sure the school runs at their will and can silence anyone through extralegal means.
1. Question asked by FA student:
Q. Hey do you go to FA?
A. Yeah, why?
Q. Are you all Friends at Friends Academy?
A. Fuck off.

2. I went to FA. I cry myself to sleep everynight.
3. I go to FA, smoke pot in the hallways and pay 100k to do jack shit! I rule!
by Bobby Thompson January 23, 2008
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