Frequently experienced explosions of pleasure in ones eyes while playing games such as Gears of War or Oblivion in high definition.
Wow... I just played oblivion all weekend. My eyes still feel great from all those eyegasms... and I still have no girlfriend.
by Sean and David April 24, 2007
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When one sees something, someone (especially an attractive person) at which they are overwhelmed with beauty that is extremely intense.
Carly: Did you see that guy in the café yesterday??

Anna: Yes, holy hell, i had a friggin EYEGASM!
by Anna=) November 06, 2009
a visual spectacle so amazing, it produces an overload of the brain via the eyes.
that sunset was so beautiful, i had a total eyegasm.
by Danny Peck January 21, 2004
An eyegasm is a sexual reaction when reading or seeing something that makes you sexually aroused in the brain. When seeing something that "turns you on", your eyes grow larger and you get interested. THAT is an eyegasm. They are mostly common in female teens and young adults.
/Sees a note from long lost crush about a date/
Person 1: Oh My, I just had an eyegasm!
Person 2: Dude, that's embarrassing!
by EyegasmConvict June 10, 2011
When you see somebody who you think is extremely attractive and your eyes have an orgasm
Ohhh did you see Johnny today, God he is a total eyegasm!
by Observer45 December 04, 2010
Someone having the most attractive set of eyes where you can easily climax by looking at their eyes, and their eyes alone (when masturbating or fucking them). The climax which is triggered whilst looking at the eyes is an eyegasm.
Person 1: When I was coming I looked tensely in his eyes and the orgasm got more powerful. What was that?

Person 2: You had an eyegasm dude.
by avialae October 08, 2013
When you see something really good looking. Can be used in terms of food, scenery, people etc
Wow that guy is hot! eye-gasm!
by Jucest July 21, 2009
When you see a girl or guy that is so hot you have an orgasm.
Damn dude you see that girl I think I just had an eyegasm
by aquamannt May 09, 2013

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