When you see a girl or guy that is so hot you have an orgasm.
Damn dude you see that girl I think I just had an eyegasm
by aquamannt May 09, 2013
Frequently experienced explosions of pleasure in ones eyes while playing games such as Gears of War or Oblivion in high definition.
Wow... I just played oblivion all weekend. My eyes still feel great from all those eyegasms... and I still have no girlfriend.
by Sean and David April 24, 2007
That feeling you get when you put in a fresh new pair of contacts
I just put in my new contacts and I think I had an eyegasm.
by Frostystyle July 09, 2012
1) When a person sees something soooo amazing or undescribable he/she feels a feeling in their mind imitating an "orgasm" in the head.
2) When a person rubs some sort of object on their eye or in their eye socket and get turned on by it.
1) When Christina was walking through a store she saw playdough and got an extreme eye-gasm.
2) After Christina got an eye-gasm off the playdough she ran home to achieve extreme eye-gasm by rubbing penis shaped playdough on her eye.
by physics_kid_4 March 17, 2009
The feeling that you get when staring at celebrities such as Channing Tatum, Justin Bieber, One Direction and such other sexy celebrities.
by hola.amigo April 02, 2012
When making eye contact with a member of the oppisite sex that is so good you want to jump their bones at that exact moment. A person can generaly tell when they have given some one an eyegasm. The eyegasmie well generally:

1. Lose their footing and possibly go weak at the knees
2. (If male) Discretly tuck up their boner
3. Shake uncontrolably
"See that girl over there dude?"
"Yeah, Why?"
"I totally just gave her an eyegasm"
by blakeand February 19, 2008
the wonderful refreshing feeling you or your eyes have, right after you use eye drops or saline solution.
this eyes drops will give your eyes an eyegasm.
by gretchen10 May 30, 2010
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