When someone sees a sight so amazing their brain goes on overload. You may have to blink your eyes a few times to even comprehend the awesomeness that's in front of you.
Person 1: Hey, did you see My Chemical Romance's new video for Desolation Row?

Person 2: Yeah! That was such an amzing vid. I had an eyegasm each time I watched it, and I watched it five times in a row!
by Aly_Goez_Rawrrrr January 30, 2009
Feeling of physical elation or orgasmic euphoria resulting from the excessive rubbing of one's eye(s) area.
My eye itched so i rubbed it until i reached a delicious eyegasm. I couldn't stop rubbing it thereafter.
by tmenz September 22, 2009
The exhilarating sensation and great pleasure derived from intensely rubbing your eyes for an extended period of time, especially when you are particularly tired.
Have you ever rubbed your eyes to the point where you gave yourself an eyegasm?
by GA-Dizzle September 04, 2007
That wonderful feeling you get when you rub your eyes. An orgasm through your rubbing your eyeballs.
I was rubbing my eyes when I started eyegasming. My wife gets pissed when I am always having eyegasms.
by Mr. Diktionary June 16, 2009
The euphoric rubbing of eyes at the end of the day after contact lenses are removed and make-up can be smeared.
Jay: What is all of that moaning in the bathroom?
Ali: Oh, it's me having an eyegasm. I just took out my contacts!
by wurdsmyth November 16, 2009
The watering of the eyes as a result of seeing something intensely beautiful.
"Woah, the latest Brackenwood episode gave me an eyegasm!"
by Yhtomit March 25, 2008
when you see a person who is extremely fuckin sexy like the one girl iknow that her name starts with an h.
holy shit dude that girl whos name starts with an h just gave me a total fuckin eyegasm... SOOO HAWWWT!
by Sarha April 09, 2008

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