forcing someone to spontaneously or suddenly see a disturbing or offensive image or picture without their consent, especially through electronic media.
My social network friend posted a picture of a dog's anus she reconstructed in veterinary surgery. When I updated my page, there it was. I did not want to see that! That was an eye rape!
by hmcdesq May 05, 2010
An unwanted Eye Fuck. Eye raping usually occurs when an unattractive male stares down an attractive female, but can happen the other way around as well.
Guy 1: Dude she just eye fucked the shit outta you!
Guy 2: Did you see that hiddi beast?! That's more like eye rape!
by The JVL November 07, 2007
When some one so repulsive walks bye, it rapes your eyes.
Joe: Oh shit did you see that girl, Anna? She's just eye raped me!

Sean: What?

Joe: She just walked right by and i got eye raped!
by Carlos Cucumbers Rodriguez December 09, 2011
Seeing something so vile and hideous that you feel like your eyes have been raped because you witnessed it.
Dude, I was eye raped by goatse.
by Michael Hunt February 02, 2005
When two are staring intently into the others eyes almost to the point where you feel a little uncomfortable.
"Did you see the Twilight movie?"
"Yeah, the movie with all of the Eye rape."
by Mauren April 03, 2009
The act of sticking your erect penis into someone's eye socket, causing blindness, severe pain, and/or death.
That guy was so fucked up, he tried to eye rape my girlfriend!
by Steeltowndude January 27, 2008
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