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An internet lingo created to battle the the overuse of the term lol by using different abbreviations to more accurately describe the user's expressions.

1. NL=Not Laughing. Used when a friend makes an unfunny joke but thought it was hilarious.

2. Ss=Slight Smile. Used when the user has a slight smile on their face, an expression that many people described innacurately with the term "lol".

3. Cg=Cracked Grin. Used when the user is halfway between a slight smile and loling.

4. Lol=Laughing out loud. Only to be used when the user is literally laughing audibly in a text or online chat.
1. Guy A: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!

Guy B: NL...

2. Guy A: That guy gets more ass than a toilet seat...

Guy B: Ss, that was slightly amusing.

3. Guy A: I smoked a pound of weed one time and pissed all over my friend's pet hamster.

Guy B: Cg, that is pretty damn funny...

4. Guy A: That chick is like a broken traffic light. Green light all the time!

Guy B: Lol, i am literally laughing audibly so that others in the room can hear me, and am not in any way just saying "lol" to show how extremely uninterested I am.

Guy A: I love how you used expressionism as a way to convey your true emotions.
by grovecityfan July 10, 2008
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