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When something is thought of as good, despite initial skepticism.
Guy 1-"Yo dude why are you shaving your balls? That's pretty weird."

Guy 2- "My girl wanted me to man...besides, it makes your member look bigger."

Guy 1- "Oh really? Checks out!"
by grovecityfan December 21, 2009
An internet lingo created to battle the the overuse of the term lol by using different abbreviations to more accurately describe the user's expressions.

1. NL=Not Laughing. Used when a friend makes an unfunny joke but thought it was hilarious.

2. Ss=Slight Smile. Used when the user has a slight smile on their face, an expression that many people described innacurately with the term "lol".

3. Cg=Cracked Grin. Used when the user is halfway between a slight smile and loling.

4. Lol=Laughing out loud. Only to be used when the user is literally laughing audibly in a text or online chat.
1. Guy A: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!

Guy B: NL...

2. Guy A: That guy gets more ass than a toilet seat...

Guy B: Ss, that was slightly amusing.

3. Guy A: I smoked a pound of weed one time and pissed all over my friend's pet hamster.

Guy B: Cg, that is pretty damn funny...

4. Guy A: That chick is like a broken traffic light. Green light all the time!

Guy B: Lol, i am literally laughing audibly so that others in the room can hear me, and am not in any way just saying "lol" to show how extremely uninterested I am.

Guy A: I love how you used expressionism as a way to convey your true emotions.
by grovecityfan July 10, 2008
Spending a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook posting comments and using apps, so that you pop up on news feeds multiple times.
Cindy is so Facebookly active; I'm constantly seeing her on my News Feed.
by grovecityfan October 07, 2008
Similar to an all-female "slumber party", a lumber party is an overnight between male friends.

Lumber refers to dicks. All male party=dicks. Therefore, lumber party.

Similar also to a "sausagefest", but a sleepover.
Tim: Dude did you go to Tom's sleepover last night?

George: Naw man, that was a total lumber party.
by grovecityfan March 31, 2010
Any object (or trinket) you acquire while completely wasted and discover the next morning.
How the fuck did this sterling silver wedding band get on my hand?...oh shit, better add that to my collection of drinkets...
by grovecityfan December 27, 2009

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