Once you take away the scientific mumbo jumbo, it is basically the concept that we are all here on Earth as a result of one massive screwup and that we have been evolving in perfect harmony ever since as a result of that massive 'screwup'.

An integral part of atheism and the wet dream of people like Richard Dawkins
Intellectual: So how are we here on Earth?

Atheist: You see, there was the big Bang that caused evolution...

Intellectual: so what caused the big bang?

Atheist: You see, it was a highly improbable accident...

Intellectual: Okay, that's interesting. Boy, do you know how I got to this coffee shop?

Atheist: No, how?

Intellectual: Well, I was just walking and then some some particles of nickel and iron from the atmosphere, coupled with the carbonic formation of propane and other (scientific jargon goes on and on and on) somehow arranged themselves into a Mercedes which then automatically drove me here.

Atheist: That's fucking ridiculous. You think I'm stupid?

Intellectual: Hey, it could be a highly improbable accident you know
by anintellectual June 20, 2010
Despite still being only a theory is taught universally as fact around the world, sounds a bit like a religion to me.
Evolutionary proponents complain how religious 'stupid' people force their views on everyone. Funny eh?

Interesting questions to ask an evolutionist:

If the universe exploded from one element (hydrogen) where did the other elements come from? did they 'evolve' too?

Why is variation in a species called micro evolution? isn't that misleading? variation allows for a species to change, not for a species to become another species.

If the universe exploding from a spinning singularity then why are planets, stars and even galaxies all spinning in different directions? Shouldn't they also be spinning the way the singularity was?

Why is the big bang *theory* taught as fact? just like evolution.

Why has there not been a *single* confirmed 'missing link' fossil found? If these creatures where around for the millions of years it would take them to evolve into us shouldn't there be literally billions of them around?

Why are scientists becoming what they fear the most? one track minded people, bent on proving their theory and forcing it upon everyone when it still has not been proven.
*Isn't that against what a scientist is?*

I'm not saying anything is right but I am saying that teaching a theory is wrong. Period. It has not been physically proven, like the Big Bang theory, like religions, like aliens. Stop banging on about it, prove it, come back then teach it as fact.

And I could go on and on..but I'll leave it there. (for now)
Guy: How can you verify the age of these layers of earth?

Museum guide: We are able to tell the layers records age from the fossils in it, simpler ones towards the bottom and more complex forms evolve as you go up, hence evolution.

Guy: How are you able to verify the age of the fossils?

Museum guide: From the layer of the earth they are from.

Guy: Isn't that circular thinking?

Museum guide: ........

by Kinggregoryubermenschthefirst August 22, 2007
EVOking Learning and Understanding Through Investigations Of the Natural Sciences
evolutions is the best afterschool program in the wuuuuuurld
by Ian Nixon May 22, 2006
The explanation for HOW living organisms have changed over time. Of course, no evolutionist can ever explain why it changes and why these organisms are even there to begin with, but apparently they're right and the hell with you and your ridiculous beliefs. They can always explain HOW but can never explain WHY.
evolutionist: wow you believe some God just created everything?

creationist: well i mean yeah...is that.. bad?


creationist: and dont you believe we "magically" changed from apes to humans, just because?


creationist: pop a midol.
by lilflav90210 January 13, 2011
A theory about the "big bang" When all the dirt in the universe was condensed into a region smaller than a period at the end of this sentence. Actually, there's another theory that says the region was "nothing". (E.I. We all came from an explosion, that explosion came from a dot, that dot came from nothing, and that nothingness came from all the matter in the universe.) That is literally, Impossible.

Later in the time period. All the galaxies and stars were created, when something explodes, all the fragments that come off of the explosion would be separated and distributed evenly. When It's not, it's lumpy called galaxies, and there's zillions of miles of nothing called void.

Then it says that the earth was very hot, and there were boiling pits of lava. Then It started raining, and the rain cooled down the lava. Then it rained a little too much, which created oceans. And swimming in the oceans(from the rocks) were complex chemicals. "The process from a complex chemical to a living organism is very slow"(totally stopped) Then out of the soup. came the first living organism. which of course could A sexually reproduce, and after a while it became the first multi-celled organism. That multi-celled organism found someone to mate with(really good trick to learn, especially since he's the first and only of his kind)
"Hey John, I found this sword made by ancient Romans, with a dinosaur printed on it"

"Well we know it's fake because, we know that dinosaurs and man didn't live together, due to evolution."
by Oh the glorious questions November 18, 2009
A belief system designed to deny the existence/importance of God and get dissenting educators fired.
Remember when our economics instructor remarked that he's not convinced the theory of evolution is legit?

Yeah, the dean fired him the next day. Weird, cuz he wasn't even a science teacher.
by Gunter Glutt August 06, 2011
An absolutely ridiculous theory, because believing that a magical wizard created everything simply makes more sense.
Wizard evolution
by Boss37190 June 28, 2011
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