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An abbreviation for "Her(His) Majesty's Ship" which is used to identify ships of the United Kingdom.
The HMS Victory has just sailed into Plymouth harbour
by Rado December 18, 2004
HMS or How Many Stell's is the scale of rating the looks of a girl on the basis of how many Stella Artois it would take to engage in sexual relations with them.

The rating spans from 0-15 0 being the lowest 15 being the highest.

NOTE: It is always based on straight PINTS and bad ratings can lead to diciplinarys within the group of lads. If you see a 0 stells candidate then they can then be rated out of 5 as a more accurate rating 5 being a highest.
Lewis: Hey Jake!

Jake: Yeah

Lewis: HMS?

Jake: What her?

Lewis: Yeah the red head!

Jake: Thats a standard 0 Stells man!

Lewis: You know! Nill Poits
by SECbois November 07, 2011
Basic bitch initials for Hate MySelf
*posts picture of self* (Tagline) - Not looking good today hms
by Shitebag5 May 17, 2015
Acronym for Hard-on Management Services.

A type of business which engages in managing male "hard-on's" usually by Hard-On Management Technicians, or HMTs.

Usually under a Hard-On Management Supervisor, which has the Technicians working under him.

Normally services are charged by the hour, the rate negotiated before the services are performed.

Rumored to be "The Oldest Profession"
Dude: Hey Joe, I heard you hard to call in HMS last night.

Joe: Yeah man, I needed some release. My HMT was pretty hot too.

Dude: How much did you pay?

Joe: I paid my HMT $200 for an hour, plus a tip.
by Okix25 December 06, 2011
'Her Majesty's Ship' in reference to 'shipping' for fandoms. In my experience, I have only seen this referred to in the Harry Potter fandom. It may be in others, but I dont know.
The HMS Orange Crush is my preferred shipping, and I absolutely barf when I find out someone ships HMS Harmony.
by Rosalie M July 10, 2008
a short abbreviation for hot monkey sex, involving two or more individuals and of course a monkey.
Damn son did you hear about all that HMS brad and riannon are having lately?
by brad fretz January 27, 2008
Hot Men Secks
poll0r riding butt honkeys.
raw, HMS?
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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