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A term describing the creation of harmful fumes while using the fireplace during the night.
"I evolution coming out of my chimney each night."
by Lambast October 01, 2007
The Theory of Evolution, in that the human species evolved from an ancient species (which is yet to be clarified). Taught in schools across the world. It is taught in a dogmatic manner, presented as fact despite being called a theory. If anyone questions this theory, then the student will almost certainly face ridicule from classmates. I'm speaking from experience. Most people who support the theory of evolution dislike anyone who disagrees with it. Most people are okay with it being taught in schools, whereas religious teachings are excluded. This reveals the hypocrisy of evolutionists. Taught as a science however in reality it is hardly scientific, as it is basically saying that everything we have is a result of pure coincidence.
Religious kid: I don't believe in evolution.
Evolutionist kid: Well then, you're not intelligent.

It happened to me. I decided I wanted to decide for myself what I believed, and not have it forced upon me by my teachers, classmates and basically the atheist society I live in. I decided I could never accept that the incredible things that exist were the result of pure coincidence, it seemed way too perfect.
by Theo Kingley July 01, 2013
a theory that we are all horrible genetic mutations of monkies
bob: I grew a penis and a vagina, awwww crap!!!!!
Jim:Evolution is a bitch
by lolman24 October 31, 2010
People still have mystical beliefs in evolution? Most would like to teach "The Theory of the Stork"! As an evolutionist would say " DAMN the SCIENCE full MYTHOLOGY AHEAD"!

Anyone who's seen the evidence, "FOSSILS", "Genetics", and still accepts the belief in evolution, most likely has mythological motivations.

Evolutionists are the people who love to draw cute fictional ape characters, often found using photo-shop or some other artistic graphic producing program to show proof of their belief rather than Science in the their own irrefutable "FOSSIL RECORDS". Often correcting themselves during their lectures, changing their story to fit what ever the MYTH.

Charles Darwin:
Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly "FINE GRADUATIONS", does NOT everywhere we see innumerable "TRANSITIONAL FORMS"?

Why, is NOT all nature in confusion INSTEAD of the species BEING, AS WE SEE THEM, WELL DEFINED?

But, as by this "THEORY" innumerable "TRANSITIONAL FORMS" must have existed, WHY DO WE NOT FIND THEM embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?..... Why then is NOT every Stratum full of such "INTERMEDIATE LINKS"?

GEOLOGY ASSUREDLY DOES NOT REVEAL ANY SUCH FINELY GRADUATED ORGANIC CHAIN; and this, perhaps is the MOST OBVIOUS and GRAVEST OBJECTION which CAN BE URGED AGAINST my "THEORY". (Charles Darwin, "The Origin of Species", Oxford University Press, New York, 1998, pp 140, 141, 227.)
"FOSSIL RECORDS", have irrefutably PROVED without any doubt, that NO SPECIES has ever evolved in over a hundred million years! Evolution is no more than a MYTH; NO "FOSSIL RECORD unearthed to date, nor to be unearthed, shows any "INTERMEDIATE LIFE FORM", NO "TRANSITIONAL FORMS", NO "FINE GRADUATION", but, rather species as they existed then as to date - THANK GOD for HIS FOSSIL RECORDS"!!!

What the Fossil Records due show: 146 million year old Lobsters - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 208 million year old Shrimp - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; ; 242 million year old Lizard - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 50 million year old Bat- "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 54 million year old Turtle - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 110 million year old Scorpion - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 20 million year old Tiger -"JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 55 million year old Frog - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 140 million year old Bird - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"; 127 million year old Shrimp/Fish - "JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY"! The list continues on and on. Just as evolutionists are NOT nor will they use scientific facts, they will not talk about the FACTS they have found, "THAT THEY ARE INCORRECT in their THEORIES"; that "evolution is no more than a Fairy Tale just as their "Stork Theory"!!! "The Big Bang"? What a joke, REAL Science will show that there can NOT be sound in space - ergo no "Big Bang". However, REAL Science will prove that 'LET THERE BE LIGHT" is possible and a FACT light does exist in a vacuum!
the first casualty of medicine
by Clayton July 14, 2003
There is no such thing as evolution, just a list of creatures that Chuck Norris has allowed to live.
Chuck Norris didnt like the evolution of the dinosaurs.
by Mr Cynical August 29, 2006
A concept meant to be taken as man's journey, through biological change, to reaching HOMO SAPIEN-ism.

A highly fluid concept which many people contrast to the biblical creation. On the contrary, the two could possibly coincide! Christian doctorate states "on day with the LORD is a 1000 years". Evolution is said to have taken place over millions of years. Back in biblical days, particularly around the time of the beginning of recorded biblical sripture, the highest counted number was thousand. This was during the Jewish exile in Babylon, the numeral "million" would not become until the time of the Romans. According to the Bible, God created man in 7 days.

7 DAYS = 7000 YEARS and even possibly 7 MILLION YEARS(?)

However, as there is evidence of both Biblical and Scientific occurences. Its best that you athiest ignoramae stop believing and spreading man made and most certainly corrupted propaganda. EVOLUTION IS A THEORY AND MUST BE TAUGHT AS A THEORY, NOT A KNOWN TRUTH!
Evolution-A concept meant to be taken as man's journey, through biological change, to reaching HOMO SAPIEN-ism.
by Cristobal Martin March 15, 2006