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A concept meant to be taken as man's journey, through biological change, to reaching HOMO SAPIEN-ism.

A highly fluid concept which many people contrast to the biblical creation. On the contrary, the two could possibly coincide! Christian doctorate states "on day with the LORD is a 1000 years". Evolution is said to have taken place over millions of years. Back in biblical days, particularly around the time of the beginning of recorded biblical sripture, the highest counted number was thousand. This was during the Jewish exile in Babylon, the numeral "million" would not become until the time of the Romans. According to the Bible, God created man in 7 days.

7 DAYS = 7000 YEARS and even possibly 7 MILLION YEARS(?)

However, as there is evidence of both Biblical and Scientific occurences. Its best that you athiest ignoramae stop believing and spreading man made and most certainly corrupted propaganda. EVOLUTION IS A THEORY AND MUST BE TAUGHT AS A THEORY, NOT A KNOWN TRUTH!
Evolution-A concept meant to be taken as man's journey, through biological change, to reaching HOMO SAPIEN-ism.
by Cristobal Martin March 15, 2006
The theory that the Earth is over 9000 billion years old and hasn't turned to dust yet.

It involves a gigantic explosion from nothing.

Then microscopic sea animals decided to created themselves and eventually walk out of the water onto land and become monkies.

Then the monkies transformed into humans and got bigger brains, but some monkies couldn't find out how to transform themselves as easily so they stayed stupid monkies forever.

sounds legit enough i would say, eh?
Evolution... derp
by asdadadada December 18, 2009
its a lie made up by atheist satanist pedo cathoholics thats to sent u to hell
bob hey phil wont 2 learn about evolution
phil i didnt know u r a satanist pedo bob u r goin to hell
bob no im not
god ur dead now yes u r
bob no i love hitler
hitler im in here to bob
bob n hitler no!!!!!!
by christ warrior September 19, 2009
EVOking Learning and Understanding Through Investigations Of the Natural Sciences
evolutions is the best afterschool program in the wuuuuuurld
by Ian Nixon May 22, 2006
1. The gradual change in a SPECIFIC POPULATION'S genes over time that has been bastardized into a sad pseudo religion that preys on man's natural narcissism and leads him to believe that he is the best thing in the universe and nothing is better than him.

2. A magical transformation of a creature into another creature that has never been proven, replicated, or witnessed in the history of science.

3. The scientific community's sad attempt at theology wherein a worldview is created solely upon how some animals look similar to others.

4. A cop out in the "where did we come from debate" wherein an individual does not have to think for themselves but can repeat what they hear on TV in one easy to say word.

5. A "scientific" term wherein the entire scientific process is thrown out the window and is replaced with:

1. observation

2. theory

3. skip the rest of the steps and run with it because we can't admit that we have no effing clue.

6. A worldview that if followed to its natural conclusion suggests that the it is my duty as a responsible human to kill every retarded, poor, ugly, handicapped, or weak person in order to enhance our gene pool and better future generations.
Person 1: "So have you ever really sat down and considered the diversity of life and sat in awe of it's magnificent cohesion and wondered how it all fits together and why it works the way it does?

Person 2: "It all just evolved."

Person 1: "So... everything just decided to work perfectly together without any guiding force or stimuli?"

Person 2: "Yes."

Person 1: "That sounds a little... convenient."

Person 2: "Well you see the stuff that was weak or didn't work can't be around cause it dies off."

Person 1: "Then why, as the pinnacle of evolution, do we value the moral path and pursue the defense of the weak and unfortunate at what many times results in the expense of the superior? How is this globally held moral law at all beneficial to us in an evolutionary sense?"

Person 2: "... um things change. Evolution."

Person 1: "Oh I believe a population's genes may change over time but it seems silly to expand the idea to explain the genesis of all creation without any scientific process being applied."

Person 2: "EVOLUTION."

Person 1: "...you never answered any of my questions..."

Person 2: "EVOLUTION!!!

Person 1: "It's sad when people lose the ability to form their own opinions even if that means not knowing something. I freely admit to not knowing where life came from but I refuse to step in in line with the societal norm for the sake of comfort.
by Razor Eddie November 08, 2010
Evolution was a theory made up by Charles Darwin and it goes something like this. In the Beginning we were all fish, ok swimming around in the water. Than one day a couple fish had a retarded baby and the retard baby was special so it got to live, so retard fish went on to make more retard babies and one day a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with his mutant fish hands and had butt sex with a squirrel or something and made a retard frog-squirrel and that had a retard baby which was a monkey-fish-frog... and that monkey-fish-frog had sex with another monkey and that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey and that made you... you are the retarded offspring of 5 monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel.... Congratulations!
Perssonly I think evolution is a bunch of bullshit!
by skizzle nizzle July 09, 2009
The theory that states that all organisms have a common ancestor. Not clear at all about how the first organisms appeared. If they appeared from nothing, then the theory is contradictory. This is becasue the theory states that all organisms have a common ancestor which has to mean that the common ancestor has that same common anscestor which makes absolutely no sense. It is a theory and has not been proven. It envolves ideas such as natural selection, artificial selection, certain types of predator to prey relations, etc. It is said that the first tetrapod (four legged creature) resembled a lizard with gills. This tetrapod (supposedly) evolved from single cell organizms over time and apparently is a common ancestor shared by all tetrapods today. Personally, I believe in Christianity.
You know what, if you trace your family tree far back enough, your great to the three billionth power grandfather is a lizard with gills and his great to the three billionth power grandfather was a microscopic organism. Shoot, in three bilion more years, us people will probably be bird like mammals with four legs, wings, a beak with built in knife, spoon and fork, and an incredible mind capacity containig over three trillion languages that range from Catterpillar Communication to French. Evolution in a nutshell.
by dalou April 26, 2006