Please see hamster.
Please refer to hamster.
by corruptiveHAMSTER November 11, 2003
Kylie and Toria.
The definition of evil. Seriously.
Person 1: Dude, did you hear what Kylie and Toria did?
Person 2: Yeah man, they're evil bitches.
by MarkyO May 21, 2008
adorable; cute
Girlfriend, your new jeans look positively evil, yo.
hey bitch ima slap ur face with mah big dick.. muahahah i noe im evil
by wtf is a pseudonym August 01, 2004
evil is all ways the right choose for me casue they is an demon saving my soul from holy crap that needs to die
wow my demon saved my life to day from that holy guy trying to bliss me with holy water
by i hate all of the world May 13, 2003
E.V.I.L.- Every Villan Is Lactose-intolerant. We thought that u WAY before Spongebob and Lemons. I am the RubberDucky, the queen of the society!
Go E.V.I.L., Go E.V.I.L., Go, go, go E.V.I.L.!
by TheRubberDucky November 06, 2003
a term used by asians. meaning scary or magical or some stupid thing. i dont no. im not asian. im american. go bak china with your evil launguage.
Asian:the evil warlock went back to his evil island on planet evil and made a eeevil potion to make him evilier.
American:Shut the FUCK up.
(no im not rascist but i think asians are to smart they should share their brains with us.)
by orange March 12, 2005

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