The natural product of government, economy, and advance society in general. Its produced in discrete quanta called litte children's souls
To conform; To be evil is to conform to the norm.
An efficient corporation, is an evil corporation.
Wal-mart is evil and combine with Caldor can raise the dead.
by Anonymous October 09, 2002
1) adj.a person whoes ideas are misunderstood or understood and disaprroved of (or a word to discribe such a person)
2) noun. joni
3)adj. a person (or word to discribe such person) that does thing veiwed as cruel and or bad
umm "that evil biotch stole my boyfriend"
by Fallenangel2126 March 25, 2007
Anything pertaining to the opposite of all that is good.
George W. Bush, MicroSoft, Macintosh, X-Box, Battle Arena Toshinden, Republicans, Democrats, Guns, Dictators, Your Mom, Performance-Brand Electronics, Oklahoma
by Arc December 28, 2003
A weirdo cult with a website on geocities. It is an acronym for "Every Villian Is Lemons".

EVILs (followers of EVIL) apparently believe that god is a gorilla living on the moon and is named "Mozzarella". They worship cheese, and say that Dick Cheney and Chuck E. Cheese are their messiahs.

In short, EVILs are one screwed-up bunch of wackos.
The EVIL sacred text is the "Book O' EVIL." EVILs have serious issues.
by Bob October 15, 2003
A word that can replace nearly every part of speech. Most often used as a general-purpose adjective. May also be used as a noun, verb, adverb, gerund, participle, infinitive, interjection, etc. when the ending is changed.
That's one evil bunch of monkeys.
I eviled you!
To evil is a good thing.
Evilize me, lest you be an evil evil one.
Evil is good.
by Greg December 29, 2003
Charlene Niven
Chaelene is evil
by ??????????????????? November 29, 2003
Death metal. Sick. Necro. Grim. Wicked. Awesome.
Ya boy Legion from Marduk is evil as shit.
by JayR June 20, 2004
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