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A girl with a big ass and an even bigger personality. Fun to be around and also fun to laugh at her jokes. A very sexy girl.
I hope she's coming to the party. She's almost as funny and sexy as an Evi!
by Maria9908 July 12, 2009
See also Sexy Beastess
The 'Evi' are known for their intelligence as well as their exceptional fencing capabilities. The Evi can be extremely dangerous if you get on their bad side. If one were to by chance become the enemy of an Evi, it would be easier for them to just commit suicide on the spot, the Evi are a cunning foe. They are also known to be good friends in time of need.
Guy 1: Dude, that girl at the fencing competition was whooping some serious ass.
Guy 2: No shit dude, she's an Evi.
by Blayde February 28, 2008
a violent person who likes to play games on people. Often associated with evil.
evi called me a ho and made me cry.
by erik singleton December 13, 2007
n. The acronym for Electronic Valve instrument, the less popular variant of the Electronic Wind Instrument (see EWI). Designed with a trumpet-like interface.
The trumpet player readily switched to the EVI.
by Helioseismology December 31, 2005
Stands for "Emtpy Void In Space". A fictional area in space where "God" is suppose to be. Used mainly by athiest, and other non-religous folk.
Thank EVIS I wasn't caught by my girlfriend.
by Everlong Mark February 13, 2008
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