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A Girl who is very out-spoken in a good way, Never afraid to speak her mind. She has the most awesome hair (long, or colored). But along with her hair she is super pretty. She is a good friend and will ALWAYS be there for you no mattered what. Getting on her bad side to hard to do. But if you do, you better watch yourself.
Girl: I need help, I need someone to talk to.
Evette: I will always be here for you.
by Sea-turtle August 13, 2012
A beautiful latin girl that has nice tits. An Evette is nice to many but if you cross her she'll never change her mind to give you a second chance. You get one chance, unless you're her best friend, of course. She overthinks everything. A girl very fun to be around, usually courageous and adventurous. An Evette has light colored eyes. An Evette cares for her friends and gives great advice although she doesn't take her own advice. She puts others before her. She does things before thinking about them so very ambiguous. She's easily frightened but when you need a shoulder to cry on, shes always there for you.

Good traits: sweet, beautiful, funny, overachiever, loyal,caring, dependable
Bad Traits: jealousy, clingy, moody, boy-crazy

Everyone wants to know an Evette.
Guy: Theirs this beautiful girl i like, how do i tell her how i feel?
Evette: Just tell her, take the risk. -smiles-
by elegantbabe July 02, 2015
squirrel-like short girls, who like to make clicky noises.
my date last night sucked. she was such an evette and just ate acorns the whole time.
by g54 April 05, 2011
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