Immodest, highly mobile Europeans with VIP passes.
Man, I've been standing out here in line for an hour and the eurotrash just marched right into the club
by sal the salami November 15, 2014
(oxi-moron) One whose effortlessly impeccable style, tasteful understated elegance, and continent-hopping savoire vivre, is manifested in one's daily presentation---including, but not limited to: choice of words (few and articulate; loudness only permitted for Italians...from Italy, not Jersey); multilingual accent (reflecting upbringing by French nanny, German-Swiss headmaster at boarding school in St. Moritz, and a touch of "ivy-league American" from countless summers at parent's Easthampton residence and study period at Brown);choice of clothing (at least 3 pieces orchestrated in natural fabrics of varying textures and varying coordinated colours--but not varying quality--only the finest, bien sur); places frequented (ultra-modern Ian Schrager hang-outs, gourmet shops, 'historical districts', museum cafes, etc.; not Starbucks; never shopping malls); lack of familiarity with cheap,disposable pop-culture ('Britney who?'); and of course, a command of the "I-don't-know-what": loafers without socks; cigarette smoked like '40's film star; collars on polo shirts turned upwards; selects unadvertised fragrances; almost entirely void of visible logos (exceptions:family crest or personal monogram; crocodile, polo player, and "G")employs the 'kiss on either cheek' greeting. The word Eurotrash should only be used on the west side of 'the pond' and in relation to the bland, Puritan, mass-marketed,shrink-wrapped, petit-bourgeois style rampant in America.
#1: Gate of arriving flight from Paris; #2: Passangers aboard the 'Hampton-Jitney' line to the Hamptons.
by Anglo-Franco-Italo-American October 01, 2003
ultra-urbane sophisticated inimitable style which others try to copy. this style cannot be copied, witness thousands of New Yorkers hanging about in cafes frantically trying affect a Eurotrash look with the result being a very slick kind of self- conscious bravaderie or braggodocio. let's face it: you either are Eurotrash or you ain't!
The Eurotrash line at the airport was the envy of all the other passengers.
by wildpriestess February 11, 2003
Used in areas with high (Eastern) European immigration by Xenophobes or racists who dislike the accent, language and culture of the usually poor European. Used more frequently again in SW London with the influx of poor unskilled Eastern Europeans from the enlargement of the EU in 2004.
I bet the plumber will be some shifty Eurotrash Pole.
by Tony Tossen February 18, 2006
The hippest hoppest coolest volkswagen and euro carclub in all of the world. Founded out of Salt Lake City, Utah, it vastly starting growing into an Empire that will one day, as we know it, thrash on Honda's everywhere. Not only are EuroTrash crew members totally awesome, they are also the most relaxed and kicked back guys ever.
I was going to join Eurotrash, but my Corrado broke down.
by Johno Salazar June 13, 2008
Someone who has no class or style, usually European but sometimes other people can be called that. usually wear very bad suits bright clothing and sunglasses.
Look at John with his sunglasses on at 12:00 am, he must be Euro Trash
by DucoNihilum December 22, 2004
Eurotrash are exclusive to wealthy states of continental Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Austria). They gained their title from back-packing on low budgets around Americanised countries displaying poor hygiene and nothing but contempt for Americanised media, politics and public services. Hence the title Eurotrash with (reference white-trash). Eurotrash can be found touring the USA, Australia and South East Asia by use of youth hostels and often hitch-hiking. To confirm that a tourist is indeed 'Eurotrash' the indevidual must be ingaugeing in weak liberal protest like complaining about Bush, the imperial system, universal health care, nuclear dumpage e.t.c. Or they will be dicussing the latest Cairns Film Festival award winner, art exhibition or possible legalisation of heroin.
Get out of our county you ingrate eurotrash.
by Ben Fake May 03, 2005

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