inept and often uneducated europeans who waste their families' money in exotic places that want nothing to do with them but need the money. Adult men and women who express confusion about anything not having to do with fashion and high society and who praise their own modernity to no end despite a lack of significant change in lifestyle in the last 40 years. Similar to a european version of the redneck, but completely useless.
"I didn't know! I thought she was a woman! My God, you must think I'm some sort of eurotrash!" -heard too often by the thai police-
by Speakaboo October 17, 2006
Typically of Eastern European descent, eurotrash are pale, lanky nocturnal young adults temporarily living in the United States to take advantage of inflation and return to their home countries. Eurotrash usually work as chambermaids, waitresses, or McDonald's drive-thru cashiers. Though they are supposedly working to pay for tuition, Eurotrash almost always blow their not-so-hard-earned money on FCUK shirts, hairgel, highlights, unnecessary jewelery, green shoes, and anything that says "Dior" on it. When not lamenting their grueling 4 hour shifts and screwing up orders, they interact solely with people from their own country. Some well known hobbies of Eurotrash include smoking cheap cigarettes, drinking copious amounts of vodka, refraining from the consumption of food, making rude and/or lewd comments in obscure languages, and complaining about how there is no "Discotek" nearby.
While on their cigarette break, Todor and Stevcho saw a guy wearing a hoodie and jeans that were not bought from The GAP, and went on about how Americans "have no sense of style". What eurotrash.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 13, 2006
Pretentious, narcissistic, metrosexual Europeans.

They tend to stand about 5'-5'5" tall and dress like intellectuals (*dress like*).
The dilettante and half-breed that entered a definition Oct 1, 2003 for Eurotrash is a good example (Anglo-Franco-Italo-American).
by american March 16, 2005
Anyone from the urban german techno scene who wears sunglasses at night
I have to get to Stutgart to see David Hasselhof live, ya?
by MCwhitefish May 06, 2003
A European that is a self-proclaimed post-modern intellectual and sports a self-perpetuating ego to suit. Classier-than-thou. Take them or (much preferrably) shoot them.... (twice).
"Eurotrash of a feather, flock together." says Vikki.

"Damn, these eurotrash are crashing this party! Let's make like non-eurotrash and go somewhere non-eurotrash-like. STAT!" says Michael.
by Jarrod August 21, 2004
(this definition applies mainly to Parisians.)

arrogant, ethnocentric (to the point of cruelty), narrow minded, racist, obsessed with clothing, drink instant coffee, bring dogs in restaurants, leave dog crap on sidewalks, hypocritical, in denial about the fact that the avant guard has moved someplace else, addicted to nicotine, homophobic, and, ironically, obsessed with American culture
If you have met a true, French, Parisian, you have probably experienced that, within your first conversation, they will run down a list of the top ten reasons why they abhor Americans. Admittedly, some of their beliefs are true but are non the less stereotypes. I understand that my definition of eurotrash is stereotyping as well, but therein lies the rub: An educated American is aware that stereotyping is something to be avoided while an Educated Parisian would never admit that about his own beliefs.
by bobby120 May 29, 2009
-a new sub-class of the species Homo sapien. Obsessed by pop culture, clothing and fermnented grapes, this new sub-species often devotes their entire lives to looking and sounding “hip”. Spending most of their time on the above stated, they spend little time doing, reading, or creating anything of significance. This peculiar sub-species often looks down at American’s, which they find uncultured and fat. They have trouble understanding why American’s find showering and personal freedom good, while at the same time finding anorexia and collectivism bad. Concentreated mainly in Europe, this class of humas has become a plaugue to free society. A sub-class that is unarmed and a slave to the European Union, one must wonder if thier self obsessing and ethnocentrism wasn’t such a dominant part of their lives, would they have the time to concentrate on stopping their continent from falling into Tyranny time and time again.
Look Jenny that’s one of those Eurotrash people. I sure wish I was that fancy. Imagine Jenny, if we sold our boat and RV we could drink all kinds of fancy wine and have all kinds of fancy clothes. Were did we go wrong Jenny?
by American Person April 03, 2010
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