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A young person whose parents are wealthy and have set up a trust for their son or daughter. The trust fund ensures that the child will be taken care of financially for life.
That guy is a trust fund baby. Since he doesn't need to work, he's just going to law school to pass the time and to learn how to protect his inheritance when the time comes.
by Jack654 October 04, 2006
A child or young adult that are considered widely privileged and wealthy, due to the fact that all their expenses are paid for by their parents.
Friend: Man, how can she afford that nice car without a job?

You: She's a trust fund baby, dude. Her parents probably paid for the car AND the insurance.
by Kelly Naomi C. August 17, 2010
A Person who has alot of money set aside for them and has no responsibilities. Everything is paid for them by their trust. Most don't even know what it feels like to lift a finger or even have a job. In some cases, they act like spoiled brats for the rest of their lives and depend on their parents too.
She doesn't have a Resume because she is a Trust Fund Baby.
by idontfuckwitchuuu April 13, 2015
A wealthy, privileged child with no real world skills. These people are pampered beyond limit. Usually they are an only child. They don't necessarily have a trust fund by their name but their folks may have enough money create one. They are usually a prima donna type.
Person 1: Dude, look at Manish over there with those new sneakers & leather jacket. Man, how can he afford that expensive shit?

Person 2: His parents must filthy rich n all. Sounds like a Trust Fund Baby to me.

Person 1: Huh, I'll be damned.
by AJ2478 August 15, 2014
one who lives off their parents
that jerry todd's parents pay for everything and he doesn't do shit. he's such a trust fund baby.
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
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