Often traveling in pairs, Eurotrash promenade their slim and overly fragrant bodies to trendy locales. Not wealthy through their own efforts, they are highly demanding.
See: Italiana with beau both swimming in CHANEL and hair gel
by Pierre August 27, 2004
an automobile made by Renault.
They rented a piece of Euro Trash, that managed to carry them around the country, but pressing half the buttons only caused things like mirrors and door handles to fall off.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008
A person, male or female, from Continental Europe who spends most of the time partying and jet-setting around the globe in the most conspicuous (sometimes rude) manner to seek fun and sunshine. Often seen sporting fashion from designer hoses like Versace and Dolce & Gabanna with bold colors and animal prints. Too tanned and always adorned with excessive 18 K gold jewelry and sunglasses. Far from subtle and often newly rich. Eats caviar and drinks champagne like water just because they're expensive while having no idea or appreciation whatsoever.
If you want to see a bunch of Euro Trash, Try Hotel du Cap's poolside during July.
by 1A May 05, 2008
A tasteless European under the illusion that they possess a fashion-forward style superior to Americans when in reality they are comedically tacky and exhibit a profound lack of hygiene. Males typically wear tight jeans while females often sport the 'poodle' hair style and a discounted H&M outfit. They neither have the money or fashion sense that they would like you to believe and you may experience uncontrollable laughter when seeing their naively tasteless appearance and mannerisms.
I was in H&M in Berlin yesterday when I saw a 15-year-old girl trying on tapered jeans and flats.

The newest style in lower-middle-class Parisian suburbs is eurotrash leg warmers and purple hair scrunchies.
by Joelingermany April 10, 2007
affecting the style of one who attends dance clubs nightly.
Slim, tan, reek of perfume/ cologne and daddy's money.
Let's not go to that restaurant. It is frequented by Eurotrash.
by Butchie December 19, 2003
Males from Europe usually Italy, France, Spain, Eastern Europe, dressed in designer clothes v-neck t-shirts tight jeans slicked greasy hair.They are tan and have an accent.They are not stable financially, but somehow afford the newest fashion items.They hang in fancy clubs and "prey" on American teen's.They love European car brands like Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Volkswagen and such.Listen to Dance and House music and are constantly dressed like they are going clubbing.
Go to Paris to see Eurotrash.
by bro123 March 04, 2009
1.uncultured European nativists

2. Europeans visiting America who boast of wealth, fame, and nobility, while in truth, have none of such things.
My cousin Uter is Eurotrash, as he can only speak one language, uses chopsticks to poke at things, and thinks America is one totally flat trailer park.
by jilly2shoes May 29, 2006
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