Eurotrash: (a derogatory term) European persons who travel to the USA and other parts of the world so excessively that they begin to look "trashy". They begin to lose their culture in some ways and take on the attitude and attire of one who lives out of a suitcase. 2 European persons who travel extensively and spend much time in "inter-zones" (cities, or rather a part of a city or other area that is populated by a high number of Artists, bohemians and the lunatic fringe.) The trash part enters the picture because of the bohemian lifestyle. Which entails a disheveled appearance (due to lifestyle, not a contrived effort!), old and often used clothing, etc.
We met a Eurotrash couple on the street the other day. They were French, and it was a challenge to understand their English.

We ended up agreeing to let them spend the night at our place.

In the morning we spent hours over talking over coffee and bread while the women tried on all my clothes and asked to borrow my favorite shoes.
by Valerie K June 10, 2004
Flame-provoking term for Eurobeat.
Eurotrash <<<<<<<< j00
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003
The entire country of France
"Excuse me, madamoiselle, is it you I surrender to? My eurotrash white flag was getting dusty and I needed to give it a good wave."
by hello-hello February 24, 2005
A certain wild and unpredictable style. Very chic and stylish. A free spirit who will not be influenced by others.
by Joe-Joe January 23, 2003
Term used to describe Europeans who enjoy football(soccer), women, and alcohol in a loud and boisturous manner. The term is used most often to describe English people.
They are eurotrash.

Alex is eurotrash.
by Alexander Valdés November 21, 2004
The country of France
"Excuse me, madamoiselle, is it you that I surrender to? I just wanted to dust off the old eurotrash white flag and give it a good wave."
by hello-hello February 24, 2005
Someone whose genetic makeup has so many countries from Europe, it is near impossible to distinguish what exactly someone is.
I am 1/4 Greek, 1/8 Scott-Irish, and the rest is Eurotrash.
by Ben L. September 18, 2004

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