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A derivative of the phrase "white trash," Eurotrash refers to Europeans who have become subservient to low-end American cultural ideals. This phrase became expedient after the fall of the Berlin Wall and with the exportation of trashy American culture into Europe. Such Europeans have become more trashy than our trash, so to speak.
That Eurotrash couple knows more about American Idol and Gangsta Rap than my coworkers at Micky D's.
by omarazam February 01, 2006
Noun: 1. Someone who sports a combination of the most current threads. Way too awesome to be considered a metrosexual, and definitely not lame enough to be scenester or emo. Euro Trash usually drive import tuner cars of german decent and are constantly blasting drum n' bass or trance music.
OMFG look at that kid in the baby pink track jacket blasting Tiesto out of his Audi A4! He is such euro trash!
by eurotrasher May 23, 2005
a male, probably balding, with an expensive german sports car (preferably a convertable) who wears a tremdous amount of cologne, surrounds himself with other european men, likes to dance (like a girl mind you), speaks with a thick french accent and is extremely pompus
To truly understand EURO TRASH: think austin powers meets elvis meets Ru-Paul meets sean connery meets pepe le peu
by allyson123 November 17, 2006
Getting your hair cut at Jean Louis David and wearing wool sweaters that zip from the side with your chaps
darby is eurotrash
by Sebastian Voneurotrap January 04, 2004
A noun or an adjective describing low or middle class persons of European descent, who came to areas in the United States such as New York or Silicon Valley, made a pile of money, and then returned to Europe, loudly proclaiming America to be not a "classy" enough place in which to live.
French, Finnish, and Belgian high tech or internet executives who cashed in and pulled out before the bubble burst.
by christine, www.fashionlines.com August 09, 2004
Antoine's T.V masterpiece
Hey barry I'm bored.... switch over to that nice french chappie and let's check out some spanish mellons.
by baron-von-heimlic-shteifen November 20, 2003
Eurotrash: (a derogatory term) European persons who travel to the USA and other parts of the world so excessively that they begin to look "trashy". They begin to lose their culture in some ways and take on the attitude and attire of one who lives out of a suitcase. 2 European persons who travel extensively and spend much time in "inter-zones" (cities, or rather a part of a city or other area that is populated by a high number of Artists, bohemians and the lunatic fringe.) The trash part enters the picture because of the bohemian lifestyle. Which entails a disheveled appearance (due to lifestyle, not a contrived effort!), old and often used clothing, etc.
We met a Eurotrash couple on the street the other day. They were French, and it was a challenge to understand their English.

We ended up agreeing to let them spend the night at our place.

In the morning we spent hours over talking over coffee and bread while the women tried on all my clothes and asked to borrow my favorite shoes.
by Valerie K June 10, 2004