Eurotrash are exclusive to wealthy states of continental Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Austria). They gained their title from back-packing on low budgets around Americanised countries displaying poor hygiene and nothing but contempt for Americanised media, politics and public services. Hence the title Eurotrash with (reference white-trash). Eurotrash can be found touring the USA, Australia and South East Asia by use of youth hostels and often hitch-hiking. To confirm that a tourist is indeed 'Eurotrash' the indevidual must be ingaugeing in weak liberal protest like complaining about Bush, the imperial system, universal health care, nuclear dumpage e.t.c. Or they will be dicussing the latest Cairns Film Festival award winner, art exhibition or possible legalisation of heroin.
Get out of our county you ingrate eurotrash.
by Ben Fake May 03, 2005
Noun: 1. Someone who sports a combination of the most current threads. Way too awesome to be considered a metrosexual, and definitely not lame enough to be scenester or emo. Euro Trash usually drive import tuner cars of german decent and are constantly blasting drum n' bass or trance music.
OMFG look at that kid in the baby pink track jacket blasting Tiesto out of his Audi A4! He is such euro trash!
by eurotrasher May 23, 2005
Definition used by ignorant ugly and particularly fat europeans descents who now call themselves americans, to overcome theyr colony complex, and depreciate theyr mother land. It is also used for an american to describe everything that is wrong about himself and about his culture and associate another continent to it.
The meaning is basically the same to americantrash, the main diference is that for americantrash, the planet is called USA, and eurotrash its not so ignorant about the world, and other cultures, and was not ignorant enough to make the word.
"shut up u piece of eurotrash"
by andrezito May 26, 2008
A derivative of the phrase "white trash," Eurotrash refers to Europeans who have become subservient to low-end American cultural ideals. This phrase became expedient after the fall of the Berlin Wall and with the exportation of trashy American culture into Europe. Such Europeans have become more trashy than our trash, so to speak.
That Eurotrash couple knows more about American Idol and Gangsta Rap than my coworkers at Micky D's.
by omarazam February 01, 2006
a male, probably balding, with an expensive german sports car (preferably a convertable) who wears a tremdous amount of cologne, surrounds himself with other european men, likes to dance (like a girl mind you), speaks with a thick french accent and is extremely pompus
To truly understand EURO TRASH: think austin powers meets elvis meets Ru-Paul meets sean connery meets pepe le peu
by allyson123 November 17, 2006
Antoine's T.V masterpiece
Hey barry I'm bored.... switch over to that nice french chappie and let's check out some spanish mellons.
by baron-von-heimlic-shteifen November 20, 2003
Getting your hair cut at Jean Louis David and wearing wool sweaters that zip from the side with your chaps
darby is eurotrash
by Sebastian Voneurotrap January 04, 2004

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