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Esben is a danish gamer who is known for his terrible League of Legend plays.

He is constantly babbing around looking in bushes, hoping to find some delicious Teemo mushrooms.
He is very fond of Teemo mushrooms, which is proved by his long walks on the beach with his mushroom friends.

The rating "bronze" is inspired by Esben, and the creator of LoL made this rank with Esben in mind.
"Esben, why are you not in this team fight?!"
"No Esben don't go in the bush, you will die!!"
by Dingotronic October 25, 2013
Guys with this name are typically very beta. They will do anything to get a girl, tell they love them the first week they meet them and click like on every post on facebook.
I will never do an Esben when I meet a girl.
by Facebookhater123 September 20, 2011
Esben is a danish first name and is often used for people who has no selfesteem and lack of skill in computergames. You often find an Esben if you play computer a lot and you to oppose a player that really sucks. Besides that you should avoid a person called Esben, but the most Esbens are very strange persons.
Esben Dodgeson is a very scary person, who spend his whole day sitting by the computer...
by Ted Sorensen September 20, 2004