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The most bad-ass champion in the RTS game, League of Legends. Don't let his cuddly appearance fool you, because Teemo will fuck your shit up - particularly with his mushrooms.
Teemo's DPS will rape your face.
#lol #league of legends #temo #te #te'emo #te mo
by Mawnikuh November 16, 2010
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An annoying pissant gerbil, grinning as he fucks up your shit, the stinky bastard will ruin your whole teamfight.
That fucking Teemo and his fucking mushrooms and his fucking blind.
#fucking #teemo #fucks #my #shit #fuck #that #little #gerbil
by FuckTeemoInHisGerbilAss November 15, 2012
A "teemo" is a person whose friends prefer not to play games with him, because he cheats and ends up breaking the game.
"No I'm not going to play Monopoly with him, he's such a teemo. He always undercuts everyone and ends up flipping the board over if he's losing."
by jaramanga December 11, 2015
Emo kids that cut when they consider themselves teens but they are actually 12.
It seems like half the kids these days are teemo.
#emo #teens #teen #gothic #punk #pweens
by Retarded_Horse November 14, 2013
teen/emo. (not to be confused with actual emos) for those kids who seem to think that if they act whiney and puppy dog people will feel sorry for them instead of hating them. all i know is that they are satan and destroy everything good they come into contact with.
Goddamn! Did you hear that teemo whining back there?
#emo #annoyance #whining #homicide #evil
by o_kf January 18, 2011
A teenage emo.
Originated in the mid-1990s, popularised by characters like that played by Claire Danes in largely-forgotten TV show "My so-called life".

Jim: "That Angela Chase character was something of a teemo huh?"
Bob: "I don't care."
Jim: "That's such a Teemo thing to say."
#emo #subculture #black clothes #ennui #suburbia #pap
by J.Dubya Eekes October 15, 2010
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