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She is a kindhearted person, is definitely one you dont want to lose, beautiful, melts your heart with her gaze, and shows no sign of weakness.
dang she is definitely an Erykah
by Pie=3.14 October 05, 2013
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A beautiful young lady. She is hard to miss with her stunning red hair. She has very pretty brown eyes that are sometimes very full of shit. She has a great sense of humor. When you make her laugh and see her smile you will fall in love over and over again. When you make her mad you unleash the gates of hell.
I fell for an Erykah once but one day i made her mad and almost died.
by Pie=3.14 October 07, 2013
a dirty nasty ugly fat ass whore. she should stop having sex with people because no one likes diseases ; hide it dont divide it.
wow i would rather not be an erykah , she has the whole list of S.T.Ds and all she does is suck alot of dick
by my gremlin December 07, 2011

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