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Erlend is a person with virility of no equivalence. Usually, an Erlend person is a typical alpha male, has a high level of fitness and intellect, and he studies/has studied medicine.

You can usually find an Erlend walking the mountains of Norway shirtless with five girls (who are also shirtless).
Did you see that guy kicking Chuck Norris´s ass by only flexing his pectorals? Yes, he had a close-Erlend performance
by Erlendur March 31, 2010
Erlend is an engine loving person, especially large Evinrude engines on Zodiac ribs like PRO 15 or larger.

You will often find an Erlend person just walking the shores of Norway loking for ribs with multiple outboard engines.
OMG it's a PRO 15 with two E-Tec 300-HP, my mind is in a state of Erlend.
by Lekkur February 05, 2010
In the norwegian language, a word meaning gay, homosexual etc.

Recognized by a girlish scream when scared and/or surprised
Look at that erlend over there!
by dendrophiliac January 15, 2011

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