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There are two parts to an Ercy:
1. A male who is extremely loud and obnoxious. They like to sleep with as many people of the opposite sex as possible, because it makes them feel better about themselves. They refer to these people that they have sex with as “slampieces”. They then like to discuss all of their sexual encounters with their friends with no discretion.

2. At other times an Ercy can be very sweet, funny and endearing. They love to snuggle and have pillow talk time. Sometimes they will even sing songs to you. This Ercy is a good friend and knows how to make you laugh. His heart is tender and very afraid of being broken, but he tries to put off a facade like he has a heart of stone at times.
1. EW: “Did you ever have sex with him?”
SK: “No way, he is such an Ercy.”

2. EW: “What are you gonna do tonight?”
SK: “Oh, Eric’s coming over and we’re gonna snuggle and watch Steel Magnolia’s.”
EW: “Aww that’s so sweet. He’s such an Ercy.”
by kalexa1 October 29, 2009
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