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A person who owns a third leg, shlong, or dork. Also loves the vagina. Milfs are considered to be his prey. Hes pretty much fucked your mom so accept it.. Hes the best looking, smartest and most athlectic guy to ever walk the earth. Also preforms intercourse extremely well. His dick is considered to be holy. The envy and role model of everyman.
Dude seriously, Eran needs to knock it off or there will be no more vaginas left for us.
by cwmars April 12, 2010
A name given to a chosen few.
It usually denotes greatness and commands respect.\
Individuals named Eran usually excel in Drinking, Lying, being very mean and Olympic figure skating
Eran should stop drinking because he hits his wife.

Look at that guy, he sure can't drink as well as Eran
by theKaiserwaits April 12, 2008
an Eran is a horrible monster who has no life and no friends, smells very bad and need to grow up. this is the girl variety so she is lesbian, and is heavily hated by Chris's.
" i cant believe how much of an Eran she's being".
by christof2012 May 24, 2011

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