a useless subject that should not be taught in schools. it is so that teachers may pick at your work, this subject is unreasonably marked
person 1: where are you going?
person 2: english

person 1: gross, well have fun in hell.
by AceWaBlamo May 22, 2015
Amish slang for non-Amish people or wearing non-Amish garb and hairstyles.
What up, English?
by ThoughtfulOrange November 03, 2009
A grotesque combination of German(ic), Latin, Greek, Norse, and Old French that has the "privilege" to be one the prominent languages of Western society (primarily the United States and United Kingdom, and their former colonies). Even native 100th generation speakers of the language struggle to use it in a meaningful way. Only one man in history, William Shakespeare, has been able to utilize the language in a respectable fashion (and there's debate if he was truly responsible for his work). The rest of English-speakers tend to give up on mastering the language in High School, or just talk about something significant enough that the quality of the English doesn't matter. Urban Dictionary itself is an example of the nightmare that the English language truly is. If you plan on trying to learn English as a second language, I wish you luck.
I's tired of all these immigrants not knowing how to speak no English. If you wanna live in 'Murica, yous better learn how to speak our lingo.
by Illuminatus Xaverius June 28, 2014
a slang term used in continental europe to describe BDSM/bondage service, usually from a brothel. this is because the english were a bunch of secret perverts, because of victorian repression. it's still used today, because we're STILL a bunch of perverts, just less secretive about it.
i say marjorie, get the riding crop from the cupboard, will you? i fancy a spot of the old english tonight, what?
by that Dano November 16, 2005
The highest scoring NBA player from the 1980's who played for the Denver Nuggets. His shots reportedly had so much spin that they would be redirected towards the basket after bouncing off the front rim.

The term can be used to describe a shot in any sporting event that involves putting spin on a ball.
Man you should put more 'english' on the cue ball.
by acruz August 05, 2010
The English claim to be Anglo-Saxons, this is a myth invented in the 18th century to ingratiate themselves with their new German king. Their language was introduced by Roman auxilliaries and comes originally from the Dutch but most of its words are French. The people themselves are mainly Welsh with maybe 10% Danish Vikings, their favourite food is curry and they will drink anything with alcohol in it.
Riddled with a class system that dates back to the Norman Conquest, an Englishman only has to open his mouth to be instantly codified and stratified in terms of his town of origin, wealth, education and social status.
English, Anglo-Saxon, German, Roman, Dutch, French, Welsh, Danish, Vikings, curry
by weslangdon April 21, 2013
A group of people or the much maltreated (by its original speakers) language. The former are racists who allow tabloids and rampant racism to rule their lives and government (look at Phillip). The latter is simultaneously one of the most and least expressive of the gamut of poetic languages of the world. The idea of the concept word is foreign (why are they stealing our jobs and seeking asylum?!) to most English speakers but it has managed to become one of the major business languages of the world.
The English, by and large, don't know how to speak English. They make shit up and call it a language but it's really only a lingua franca.

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