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n. a heavy object with which one bludgeons another person, usually repeatedly. traditional cudgels include baseball bats, clubs, and lovely lead pipes.

v. to bludgeon a person in such a manner
get off the tip before im forced to straight up cudgel a motherfucker

he tried to steal my wallet so i whacked him with a handy cudgel, in this case a steel shovel.
by vincent black shadow October 18, 2004
242 29
A long, skinny penis that is far longer than it is wide. Known to be as thin as a number 2 pencil, and on average the thickness of a thumb. Essentially the opposite of a chode (Penis that is wider than it is long).
Because peter had a cudgel, he had to pull down his pants and unravel it like a fruit by the foot in order to go to the bathroom.
by Levator Palpebrae Superioris October 19, 2009
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