a rolled cigarette with a bit of weed mixed in made famous by joe strummer.
"wanna smoke some english?"

"should i roll an english?"
by joe bummer February 23, 2010
-superior to Norwegian people, especially those from Aalesund.
- the more superior kind of English person is those that are short and have curly ginger hair. They are awesome
That short English girl with the ginger curly hair is insanely cooler and superior to the Norwegian guy." "He must be from Aalesund
by Willy-Johnson October 03, 2010
A covert way of saying marijuana, usually preceded by "studying", as in "studying English" or "doing English homework" means smoke weed.
Hey lets study English at Jay's house tonight.

Did you guys do that English homework last night?
by The masta of dizzasta August 04, 2008
1. A bunch of wimps who tried to conquer Scotland multiple times but failed each time; the only reason "Great Britain" exists is because of a SCOTTISH king who took the throne of England and ended up betraying his own kin.

2. Germanic peoples that deny their heritage because of a hatred of Germany.
1. Battle of Bannockburn, Scottish Wars of Independence,
Scottish Soldier #1: "Sir, the English are advancing! They've got us outnumbered seven to one!"

Scottish Soldier #2: "Perfect, they didn't bring enough to win this fight!"
2. WW1, WW2
by Broke@USEast March 08, 2011
The (not uptight part of the) English culture is one of the Three Best Cultures, which are the Flemish culture, the Scottish culture and this one.
One thing I like about England and the English culture is that you'd run into a different dialect when driving just a short distance.
by LA-Z-BOY June 17, 2006
A language formally popular in the United States, predicted by scholars to become extinct by year 2020.
Immigrants these days don't even bother to learn english.
by Bandgeek0207 July 15, 2008
English is a code or term that was often used when print ads
were one of the only ways of connecting with other members
of the hidden S/m community. This term or code is most often
used to identify spanking or corporal punishment. In addition,
there is English 'style' spanking. This style is distinguished by the
rapid glancing or 'side' blows of the hands across the buttocks.
Often the Dominant will heat the flesh through orienting the strikes
to land or overlap each other in order to build on the level of
intensity without virtually any risk of bruising or damage to the
A prostitute might refer to services she provides as English, Greek, French, etc.
by Raskolnikov March 20, 2006

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