A language hardly anyone can speak correctly.
"Here in America where we speak English people like to vocalise their opinions, nowhatimsayin..."

"Pardon? Vocalise? That means to make sounds without language, you know, like parrots and babies".
"Yeah. Did you mean 'give voice to' or something like that?".
"Dunno. Maybe. You got a dictionary?"
"I think you mean 'do I have a dictionary', why yes, I have. I will now get it."
"Ooooh, I'm so excited, I can't wait, no really I can't wait, bye".
by Polack the Pole January 10, 2010
the dirtiest part of literature often used in school
when students read books in school, they often avoid the english part of it.
by Sahara Desert December 03, 2008
1. to put great effort towards doing as little as possible.

2. Adj. to describe the act of getting out of a work scenario.

3. v. To talk or act (pretend) there is an emergency elsewhere in order to remove oneself from a work environment
Just put a little English on it
The person is asking if harm was done. It can be traced back from the following degeneration:
1. "Are you okay?"
2. "You okay?"
3. "u k?"
4. "U.K.?"
*falls off of life*
by Wordasdfd November 28, 2009
The United States is a nation of immigrants, with residents that speak a number of different languages and have ties to a number of different cultures. Presently, the United States does not have an official language, although according to the 2000 U.S. Census, 92 percent of the U.S. population over the age of 5 speaks English.

Legislation making English the official language would have serious unintended repercussions. For example, it would eliminate bilingual education services, prohibit the use of a translator in court, ban the use of another language by employees of the federal government, and bar the printing of any government documents in other languages. Paradoxically, making English the official language would probably result in less people speaking English because non-English speakers would no longer receive information on English classes. Such a policy would also pose a public safety issue by prohibiting a federal law enforcement agent from using a language other than English to gather information about a crime and question potential suspects or victims.

While I do believe all people residing in this country should learn English, making it the "official language" is not the way to go. That is why I would vote to make English the national and unifying language of the United States. Making English the "national and unifying" language rather than the "official" language avoids the unintended consequences discussed above. Instead of focusing our energies on making English the official language of the United States, we should do everything possible to ensure that our new citizens and residents have the opportunity to achieve English proficiency so they are able to fully participate in our society.
This world without English would be like a car without a motor.
by alvit June 26, 2009
the Amish term for "non-Amish," without reference to actual English ancestry or language
Amish people isolate themselves from the "English," the rest of the world.
by The Wadinator January 27, 2008
a mix of german,french,celtic, and norse dialects that is now i think the most used language in the world
random fact more people speak english in china than the in the USA

a people who colonised most of the world including america much to their annoyence lol they can take the piss with all their false stereotypes such as the constant use of toodle pip and other random shite no1 has sed since the 1800s but ur just takn the piss outta ur family lol

hardly any1 speaks posh lyk the queen only the odd wierdo or american tryn to fit in...
english is split in2 many accents such as liverpudlian, brummie, cornish, devonian, cockney, queen's, mancs and many more the accents are known to change between towns seperated by no more than a few miles!

given the grammar is fukd up but thats language but whn u think other europian languages give objects genders which changes verb form and all sorts of shit just accept and get over it
fav american line: ...would be speaking german unless we won the war

English answer: .... would not be living or would be speakn french or spanish if we hadn't colonised :P
by Britain isnt England dickhead March 25, 2008
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