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End Exercise. Synonymous in South Korea with being the command to start drinking.
"Hey, we got ENDEX."
"Let's get fucked up"
by Muddeh March 16, 2010
1. Military term, short for 'end of exercise', heard or written on a schedule when "hostilities" during a field exercise are meant to come to an end.
2. Derived from its military meaning, used when describing something that's come to an end, or something that is complete.
Military (eg on radio):

Colloquial (eg on finishing an essay):
"That's endex then!'
by V2 May 28, 2005
End ex is used at the end of a sentence or statement to indicate the end of a conversation or phrase. Used in Liverpool, UK
"Ya ma's a fat whore, end ex."
"Well we're goin.. end ex."
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005
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