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1. Military term, short for 'end of exercise', heard or written on a schedule when "hostilities" during a field exercise are meant to come to an end.
2. Derived from its military meaning, used when describing something that's come to an end, or something that is complete.
Military (eg on radio):

Colloquial (eg on finishing an essay):
"That's endex then!'
by V2 May 28, 2005
A social occasion usually involving alcohol which either accidentally or intentionally is made up of only or nearly exclusively guys.
Bob: Man, this is such a wienerparty.
Jim: Yeah, great party isn't it? Girls suck.

Bob: Man, this is such a wienerparty.
Jim: Yeah, this party sucks. Let's go somewhere with girls.
by V2 December 23, 2004
Derived from 'end' describing someone as very drunk - heard in and around Birmingham in England but might be more wide spread.
Bob: I'm getting ended tonight!
Jim: Yeah, let's get ended and pull some fit birds!
by V2 December 23, 2004
Short for version 2--an update of previous versions, usually version 1.
Hey, I updated to v2!
v2 of what?
...of v1!
by v2 April 09, 2004
Short form of Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, England. Can be divided into North and South Leam, where North is 'nice' and South is ghetto.
I'm on my way back to Leam (as in Lemming) on the bus.
by V2 December 25, 2004
Inspired by the Bavarian greeting, this word can also describe a particularly attractive female.
Bob: She's a real servus!
Jim: Yeah.
by V2 December 23, 2004
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