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A word used when the online conversation is getting dull. Has no meaning in particular just and ice breaker that is fun.
• ?? --...? says:hehe I feel special now
! Nicøle™ says: oh you should!
• ?? --...? says: -I know
! Nicøle™ says:-rawr<3 gah ha
• ?? --...? says:-hHAAHAHA <3
by HedCandy November 23, 2007
A girl named Emily. That has been labeled "emo"
Jerk-Hah look at emoly
Idiot-Hah Emoly Good one buddy
by HedCandy November 23, 2007
A word commonly used by older people (70 and up) around christmas. The older people ussually have no family left and care nothing for the festive seasons anymore.
Oldman- Bahhumbug

by HedCandy November 26, 2007
A word used hen something totally sucks and things arent going the way you planned.
Uhhhhh this is so crap-ass I've been stuck on this stupid ride for an hours
by HedCandy November 23, 2007
Something you like and gives you pleasure. Can be referred to sexualy or not.
damn that concert was so hedcandy. And damn was the lead singer fine
by HedCandy November 25, 2007
A term normaly used to insult a vegetarian.
Jerk-Dont bother with her shes a rabbit
idiot-hah what and idiot
by HedCandy November 23, 2007

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