The most perfect girl god has ever made. She can make you happy anytime she wants. She is the girl that guys fall asleep and dream about and hopefully someday wake up and see her. She's your best friend and if you're lucky enough for her to give you a chance to be hers, you take it. You take it and you'd die for it. You devote everything to her because she's all you want to think about. You might get hurt or she might lose hope but you gotta stay positive and try harder because she'll be worth it. She's the prettiest, funniest, sweetest, cutest, and sexiest girl you'll ever meet. No other girl comes close.
Emma is perfect
by Versace Yolo January 02, 2015
Go to her if you ever need a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. She is also the best choice ever of someone to whom you should give an engagement ring. Emmas have very sensitive backs and adorable laughs. They are best suited to guys whose names start with a "B", such as "Bartholomew", "Benedict", "Barney", and "Bilbo". She likes pink and earrings and flip-flops, but they're lost. Her teeth have been through a lot, but they are gorgeous. In fact, everything about her is gorgeous.
Woah, dude! I gotta meet me an Emma!" "You must, Bartholomew! It'll bring endless sunshine into your life!
by monkey slippers April 06, 2011
A person who is better then i dont know someone called aimee
person #1: hey whats your name
person#2: aimee
person#1: oh shame if you were called emma i would be friends with you
by CraigMabbittLovesEmmaNotAimee November 30, 2009
Beautiful, dutch, blonde, loves horses, sarcastic, guys take her for granted and damm right perfect!
Emma is lovely and a real laugh! she is really relateable and easy to get along with, she is very beautiful with her long blonde flowing hair. Her hummor is first class and her laugh is simply adorable. She looks most beautiful with her hair down sat riding 'bare back' on a horse. She is very talented and clever. She can stand her ground and put up a good fight is needs be. She is beautiful and she doesnt even know it! Every guy secretley wants a slice of this fine piece of cake, but she is so perfect it scares guys away because they can't bare to live up to their expectation. Emma has been treated badly in the past with guys, but I know her prince charming awaits. She has a strong group of girls that will get her through eveything, she's just got to remember that!
Boy1: You met Emma? You need to, she is perfection! She looks so hot when riding as well, its dam sexy!
Boy2: I know right! She's gorg! But she kinda intimidates me, because she is so perfect I feel if we went out I couldnt live up to everyone's expectations of us... all that 'cute couple' shizzz...
Boy1: Yeah I know what you mean, but I don't thik she's that type of gal...I just want to sweep her off her feet!
by _Tiger-Lily_ June 10, 2014
The best girl to ever walk the planet. She usually has brown hair and brown eyes and is extremely awesome. She is usually attracted to older guys, and is always in the mode for fun. She knows how to chill and play video games like call of duty, and she is usually better than the guys at the games. She knows how to lift you up when your down, and she always has a smile on her face. She is never scared and it takes a lot to make her cry. She is one talented human being and knows how to crack a good joke. Some may say she has swag, but I say she's a total baller. She has the smile to brighten up any day, and can make all the gray skies go away. She has the best hugs and the warmest, deepest kisses. If you ever get to date one it's a true treat. She knows how to make the date enjoyable and fun, and will never bring you down. She is an athletic, fun loving girl. If you ever get the chance to meet one, she will blow you off your feet, or blow off other things. Emma is one of the best people ever.
Frank: Emma is amazing!
Ted: Back of the line, I was here first

Mary: I wish I was Emma.
Emma: Too late, I already am
by CrabCakes1 December 21, 2013
A really hot, young Swedish girl who is incredibly fun and interesting and remarkably irresistible. A true Emma will have an extremely sexy voice and great accent. Guys lose control of their grammar and spelling when she is around.
Did you see that Emma on the train yesterday? I was drooling all over the place!

I was talking to my girl on the phone the other day and she sounded so Emma, that I could barely speak.
by Snurre Sprätt September 13, 2011
A girl that knows how to make an awkward situation even more awkward. She's funny and stylish and knows how to make you smile.
Emma is dancing in that corner by herself.
by Rainbowgirl2002 March 04, 2015

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