Emma is a roller coaster ride that only goes up. She is one of the baddest bitches you will meet. She is a tea cup of joy. She can be found doing the most interesting and crazy activitties from falling off skateboards to receiving the holy grail and prayer from her bitch mike. No matter what she's doing she is noodles of fun. Emma is a human amusement park full of fun and joy. But don't fuck with her she's one bad bitch! Many people wish they were Emma. But there is only one.
That girl is so cool! Let me guess her name Is Emma!
by Haha.... It's yo bitch January 02, 2013
An amazing, beautiful and fun girl who likes everyone and anyone, she's an outgoing girl who like to experience new things and have fun, she is the weirdest person you will ever meet but she is lovable fun and crazy and just mighty damn fun to be around! She is pretty dang dirty in bed and very hot!
Dayum that emma be fly
Bro Emma is so fun to be around!
Dayum that girl does some dirty thangs in the bed
I want her
by dayumshehot June 22, 2012
a girl named emma that is amazing, and makes you think perfect! with everything she says.
emma: im a sheep
by gingercattmeow June 16, 2011
A loving person who is fun to be around. When you are down you can go to her and she will make you feel so much better. She has a lovely smile and any boy is lucky to have her. She has a wonderful personality that no other can beat.

They love eating galaxy chocolate (any type).

Some Emma's are big fans of one direction. They stalk them and do what ever they can do to meet them.
by uberduber3456 January 10, 2012
A very smart intellectual and very beautiful even though she doesn't know it she loves her friends an they love her back can be insecure at times but usually has an awesome attitude and can make you smile when you are down a nerd and doesn't care she doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her she is usually funny and uplifting
Taylor: Hey Emma
Emma: What's wrong
Taylor: Johnson broke up with me
Emma: Picklini *monkeyface*
by pickles101 December 20, 2013
the cutest girl i have ever met. Emma is usually small and petite. She is one of the funniest girls, and the most outgoing. She never stops smiling and is always happy. Emma is beautiful and a wonderful friend. but sometimes isn't the smartest.
damn i love emma so much. she is the most prettiest girl i will ever meet.
by jamesissocool5556789 January 21, 2012
A young woman/ girl who is seen as generally lovely and funny and attracts attention. Not always wanted and never lets it go to their head. Russians seem to favour their name sake and pale complexion aswell as their 'Strage but Interesting' ways. They are down to earth and this seems to give them many of their suiters.

With affection shown in a manner of ways; unneeded touching, nicknames and pants pulled down at the sight of them, girls with this name only choose one person and stick with them, not ones to sleep around but many see them as 'sluts'

"Urgh, They always talk to her! Why?!"

"She's called Emma obviously, she's just got one of those faces..."

'It's an Emma thing, you wouldn't understand'
by thesupposableslut August 29, 2011
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