The most gorgeous fun loving girl you will ever meet. Known to randomly throw out little adorable and hysterical one-liners. Very artistically talented. One who has no true idea of her true beauty, both inside and out. A very special woman that has the love and admiration of a person willing to do almost anything for her. Has a true passion for music and is very sporty. Can do anything she sets her mind to and she will. Has a true love for nature and true beauty where most cannot see it. Is quirky and strange but strangely lovable. Loves to be able t laugh in fact will laugh at almost everything. When you first meet her she will be shy and maybe seem stuck up but when you get to know her he will never shut up.She doesn't need a guy, but wants one to be there when she isn't feeling strong. She is so very attractive, because she doesn't try to be.She lets her emotions show through her feet and toes. Without thinking about it she rubs her feet together when you compliment her. Has the most gorgeous eyes you will ever see and has a thing for guys with brown eyes. Her hair is flowing and luscious
Emma you are the most perfectly perfect girl I have ever met
by < me January 01, 2015
A women who is totally amazing, she can make you smile without trying and can also make you cross your legs.. both boy and girl. ;)
She is a very beautiful woman and has a heart of gold, she usually takes care of her friends and her man will always have either a smile or grin on his face. She is amazing in bed and has great stamina as well as great tits.

She is extremely lovely and you'de have to be mad to refuse her.
Chap 1: "Ya know that Emma girl?
Chap 2: "The pretty girl at the back of our class?"
Chap 1: "She told me she loves me and we fucked like mad last night"
Chap 2: "Nice one bro, you lucky fucker"
*Both Chaps bro-fist"
by Bible Author July 23, 2014
a girl who really stresses out. even the little things. for example a big test is coming and she has a meltdown, but then precedes to get a 100
your gonna do fine, stop being an emma
by ihateschool124 June 02, 2014
Emma is a very shy, hilarious, and obnoxious girl. She is a beautiful ballerina and loves children. Emma enjoys eating a lot of food and taking naps whenever she can. She has been known for making guys fall for her even when she does not like them back. She has a very serious sweating issue but have no fear, Emma does shower.
If tipsy, Emma will most likely be taking a million pictures and making new friends. You may find her sleeping in a room that smells like straight up weed.
by biffle5678 December 11, 2012
really stuck up, bratty, obnoxious, light headed, betrays friends, is one of those people who thinks is a misunderstood genius but is really a perfectly understood idiot, one of those dumb popular people. Over all, not worth your time
Oh, God, Emma is going out with Dan to attract attention again!
She is such a bitch.
by AntJemJos May 02, 2015
A very true friend , and is the realist of them all. She is your ride or die and is always there to lend a hand. But when you get her mad there will be Some straight up talk being said.
That girl over there is my Emma
by fruity tooty booty December 13, 2014
A bitch so classy, she bleeds London Grammar.
Antidepressants: Haaaaaave you met Emma?
Baclava: Yeah, the other day she turned a papercut into that Hemmingway booty!
by YourFriendlyNeighborhoodJew May 03, 2014

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