Pretty, Amazing + Cool, could acquire nicknames like emmajupiter or emzzie (:

very fun to be with.
A: Woah She is So An Emma,
B: I wish i was like that emma....
by NOMNOM!! June 01, 2010
A very pretty girl, she doesn't truly realize how beautiful she really is. A lot of guys like her. She is very smart and usually nice, but when she gets irritated she can be very sarcastic. Sometimes fake around a boy that she really likes, she tries to be perfect around him. She's very shy but on the inside she is begging for approval from others. You can easily tell when she is angry or frusterated. She is not afraid to speak her mind. Overall Emma is a very pretty and smart person. Emmas with brown hair and brown eyes are the best. She will also do anything to win the approval of the boy she likes, including run away with him. She is very easy to be taken advantage of.
Boy: Wow, Emma. You're the most gorgeous girl ever.
Emma: You're just saying that.
Boy: No, I really think you're beautiful. I want to kiss you.

Emma: You make it sound like the only way we can be together is if we kiss...
Boy: No, not at all. I love you so much, baby.

-boy starts rubbing emmas leg-
---Emma is afraid that the boy wont like her anymore if she doesn't do what he wants.---
*Emma decides to go along with boy and they have good sex. He is very pleased and has her give him oral.*
Boy: that was amazing. -boy humps emma-
by jbaveoruiaejragha111 April 09, 2011
The coolest person ever. The only person who gets most of your jokes. Someone who has insane determination and always makes others smile. This person loves to go skating and hold hands with her significant other. Best person to talk to ever. Crazy street racer who doesn't take shit from anyone and wrecks noobs in COD.
Dude that girl who wrecked you was sooo good, she must be an Emma
by ConfusedCoughLOLwut? January 27, 2011
The most gorgeous woman ever seen. Known to randomly throw out little adorable and hysterical one-liners. Very artistically talented. One who has no true idea of her true beauty, both inside and out. A very very special woman that has the love and admiration of a person willing to do almost anything for her. Emma also loves boys that go by the name of "Elham". Just by hearing the name, Emma gets extremely horny and craves an El Ham Sandwich. Emma frequently strokes her clitoris at night time over Elham.
Emma furiously fingered herself with the baguette, thinking of Elham Ghousi.
by CMcneill October 22, 2013
Emma is the most perfect girl you will ever meet, she's always positive and has a contagious smile that infects everyone around her. She finds the best in people no matter who they are or what they have done. She is characterized by her beautiful long brown hair and her beautiful greenish-blue eyes. Her smile will light up your night sky with just a smirk. She has the best sense of humor, that being of sarcasm mixed with very dry humor. Her laugh is the cutest most innocent thing you have ever heard. She loves running, animals, and one day wants to have a career wherever she wants. She loves to cook, eat good food, and be happy. She should be taken as a blessing to any man who shares a hug with her.
Boi 1: Is that Emma?
Boi 2: Yep
Boi 1: I wish she was in my arms
Boi 2: Me too
Boi 2: oh Nothing.....
by bocboi278 June 07, 2014
Emma, a girl who is fun and beautiful! she loves to ride horses, and takes your advice. she has no knowledge of boys. she is just really into her horse! Emma is most likely one of the prettiest girls you will ever meet. she is shy around people she doesn't know or isn't comfortable with. Emma is a friend or girlfriend that you need to hold on to. she is awesome to hang out with :) that emma girl is really easy to talk to.
F.yep, that would be emma.
by annoyingmaisy February 25, 2012
The most perfect girl god has ever made. She can make you happy anytime she wants. She is the girl that guys fall asleep and dream about and hopefully someday wake up and see her. She's your best friend and if you're lucky enough for her to give you a chance to be hers, you take it. You take it and you'd die for it. You devote everything to her because she's all you want to think about. You might get hurt or she might lose hope but you gotta stay positive and try harder because she'll be worth it. She's the prettiest, funniest, sweetest, cutest, and sexiest girl you'll ever meet. No other girl comes close.
Emma is perfect
by Versace Yolo January 02, 2015
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