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An Emma is a fanstatic girl with an epic attitude! She tends to have a very funny but really annoying attitude and has a nack at annoying her best friends but they can't stay mad for long as she is so lovable! She loves a good night out, espically when she can't remember it! Has all the boys chasing her but she knows how to put them all in there place! Loved by all, Emma Millars know how to brighten up everyone's day even when she's grumpy and tired and being a pain in the back side!
Emma! Whoa look at those boobs!
by emmas_friend April 10, 2013
26 3
Emma, is soo pretty, sexy, nice, kind, and outgoing, if you ever meet emma, all you will be thinking, is OMG she is so pretty, i want to date this girl, emma is somewhat pretty, and attracts guys instantly, emma is the one for you. Emma has a booty like kim kardashin

Hey, you know that really hot girl in grade 7? Yeah, emma?
Yeah thats the one,! shes so hot!
(Sexy), (Pretty), (Cute), (Nice Butt), (Emma)
by Jason Srocak March 25, 2012
27 4
The hottest, funniest, most caring, most badass, smartest girl to ever walk the earth.
Emma loves her Poppet, and her Poppet loves her back <3
by Ashpoppet November 27, 2011
36 13
the most beautiful girl in the world. she is amazing. she is perfect in every way imaginable. shes cute, funny, smart, beautiful, nice, and all-round amazing. she is the girl that doesnt have to try to look pretty, but still is, no doubt. she is completely pretty and perfect(:
emma is soo beautiful(:
by cheese(; August 12, 2011
41 18
Emmas tend to be smart girls with brown hair. They love to laugh, and have fun with friends. They are shy at first, but with her friends, she loves to joke! Emmas tend to be best friends with girls just like her, usually Abbys or Mollys. Emmas are smart, sensitive, kind, beautiful girls, who are always willing to help someone in need. This is shown in their name, as Emma means kind, hopeful, and helpful also beautiful.
Person 1: Hey, look at Emma, joking around with Abby and Molly.
Person 2: She is so kind, I really like her.
Person 1: Get in line!
by willowmydog May 07, 2012
25 3
Emma loves music, is very smart, and very shy. She's insecure, so she might ask " are you my friend?" just because she needs a reminder. Emma values her friend, and she is in love with one of them, though she feels she doesnt have a chance. Emma is normally the youngest of her clique.
"Aww she looks lonely"
She's an emma"
by epiphany erin December 30, 2011
34 12
Pretty, intelligent but hates school. sometimes shy but when you get to know her she is crazy. Good to have as a friend, bad to have as an enemy. likes to gossip a lot.
Wow how did you know?
Emma told me.
by thebestesfriend December 25, 2012
25 4