An Outgoing, Fun, Funny, Down to Earth, Party Girl, Loving, Fashionable, Goofy, Loves To Hang With Friends, All Around Awsome Girl To Have Fun With And To Hang!!! :D
You Are So Emma

That Is Such A Emma

OMG That Is An Emma
by Emmers13 January 20, 2011
always amazing and beautiful, takes your breath away.Never unhappy even if things look bad.Always a freind.
"that was the worst day ever"."Then the days can only get better"said emma
by iron=Fe February 10, 2013
Emmas tend to be smart girls with brown hair. They love to laugh, and have fun with friends. They are shy at first, but with her friends, she loves to joke! Emmas tend to be best friends with girls just like her, usually Abbys or Mollys. Emmas are smart, sensitive, kind, beautiful girls, who are always willing to help someone in need. This is shown in their name, as Emma means kind, hopeful, and helpful also beautiful.
Person 1: Hey, look at Emma, joking around with Abby and Molly.
Person 2: She is so kind, I really like her.
Person 1: Get in line!
by willowmydog May 07, 2012
The hottest, funniest, most caring, most badass, smartest girl to ever walk the earth.
Emma loves her Poppet, and her Poppet loves her back <3
by Ashpoppet November 27, 2011
A gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. All the guys are obsessed with her, especially the guy she likes, but he is too shy to tell her. She is independent, strong minded, and self confident. She stands up for her friends, and even for people who aren't her friends. She always speaks her opinion, and stands by it no matter what everyone else says. She is a great friend. She likes to dream, and has a beautiful voice, and can act. She is very musically talented. One of the most amazing people I will ever meet.
Emma is so cool! I wish I could be her friend.

Ugh, Emma is so pretty! I wish I was as pretty as her!

Man, Emma's awesome.
by jcnlkadjsncjdsncksdjcnjds February 20, 2012
A really nice girl who helps her friends and family is allways nice but has a dark secret that only few knows and can unleash the beast when she wants to
emma:hey u ok ?
bob:no :'(
emma:aww babe u can tell me anything u know?
bob:yeah ok so.........
by Emmzzz123 December 07, 2011
The most amazing girl ever. Beautiful both inside and out, with a dazzling smile. Intelligent, funny, the girl all the guys secretly love. A bit giggly, but perfect.
"Hey Jim, you're girlfriend is so amazing! I love her!"
"I know, her name's Emma."
"I knew it."
by Ginger-Jim December 01, 2011
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