The most amazing girl ever. Beautiful both inside and out, with a dazzling smile. Intelligent, funny, the girl all the guys secretly love. A bit giggly, but perfect.
"Hey Jim, you're girlfriend is so amazing! I love her!"
"I know, her name's Emma."
"I knew it."
by Ginger-Jim December 01, 2011
Pretty, intelligent but hates school. sometimes shy but when you get to know her she is crazy. Good to have as a friend, bad to have as an enemy. likes to gossip a lot.
Wow how did you know?
Emma told me.
by thebestesfriend December 25, 2012
emma is the craziest person you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and even if she sometimes gets on your nerves you can never be angry with her. She thinks down on herself sometimes and she shouldnt because she is a beautiful person inside and out, and should always know that, She has a lot of friends, usually has sandy blonde hair, brown and green eyes and is skinny and average in height. This girl has a passion for making her friends happy and comforting them and loves to play netball.
(booty) (emma)
by bobba123456789 August 12, 2012
kind of a weird girl. is very nice but is also a complete goof. usually attracted to guys with the letter O, C, and S as their first name. likes to eat with her friends! not very athletic, but flexible. did i mention weird?
Christin: "Dude Emma so wants me!"
Oscar: "I wish my girlfriend was Emma"
Sam: "Dont we all?"
by jujubee28 November 22, 2010
An amazing, beautiful and fun girl who likes everyone and anyone, she's an outgoing girl who like to experience new things and have fun, she is the weirdest person you will ever meet but she is lovable fun and crazy and just mighty damn fun to be around! She is pretty dang dirty in bed and very hot!
Dayum that emma be fly
Bro Emma is so fun to be around!
Dayum that girl does some dirty thangs in the bed
I want her
by dayumshehot June 22, 2012
Spazzy,beautiful,girl. who is the most amazing chic in the world EVERYONE is Jealous of an emma! she is known to love a louis or harry!
wow look at the girl! shes such an emma!
by thewierdesthobo December 29, 2011
Emma is a roller coaster ride that only goes up. She is one of the baddest bitches you will meet. She is a tea cup of joy. She can be found doing the most interesting and crazy activitties from falling off skateboards to receiving the holy grail and prayer from her bitch mike. No matter what she's doing she is noodles of fun. Emma is a human amusement park full of fun and joy. But don't fuck with her she's one bad bitch! Many people wish they were Emma. But there is only one.
That girl is so cool! Let me guess her name Is Emma!
by Haha.... It's yo bitch January 02, 2013

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