Some stupid cunt that wrote poetry and sucked it hard at life. She locked herself up in her damn house then worried her ass to death. Possibly committed suicide.
Emily Dickinson's poetry sucked just as bad as her dome.

Emily Dickinson's poetry reminds me of a 5th street whore, cheap, depressing, and repetitive.
by Price-Line-Negotiator April 02, 2008
Top Definition
An excellent poet who wrote many meaningful poems.

Idiots who can not comprehend what she wrote usually harshly critisize her and her work.
Emily Dickinson - Easily one of the best poets to have lived.
by Ekig January 24, 2011
A woman notoriously known for wiping her vaginal excretions with notebook paper and then putting a numbered title on top of the page. Long after she died, feminists found her cunt rags, bound them together in several books, and announced that her putrid leaks were "poetry."
I recently read Sylvia Plath's "Belljar" but it was Emily Dickinsoned and smelled terrible.
by real_men_read_ginsberg February 05, 2010
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