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A town in North Dakota that sadly was given this name.
Bob: Want to go to Dickinson?
Joe: Ewwww man, no!
Bob: I meant the town!
by KatieEmily March 26, 2011
1. Dick/in/son
2. A man who does small children.
1. John Dickinson had his Dickinson.
2. Dude that guy is a Dickinson!
by Some Random Bastard October 11, 2010
An asshole who tries to sound poetic when saying something really rude.

(no offense Emily)
Dickinson-"She was so hot. Her body was ripe as fruit, yet she smelled like a flower."
Other Guy-"Dude, stop being such a dickinson. That is my mom you're talking about."
by "Special"Frog March 07, 2012
Fudge packer, one who likes to penetrate a fathers male offspring.
Watch out son, he's a Dickinson.
by Paul Nash December 19, 2003
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